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Finding Love – Ask Chauntel – Advice Column

21-year-old Leslie from Namibia writes:

Hello Chauntel!

I’m a big fan of your videos. I met this girl on badoo(social site). She stays far from me, we’ve been chatting for 3months and haven’t met. I really like her and want to date her,but she said she doesn’t believe in true love, what can I do to change her mind? Secondly how can get her to come to where I’m staying? Please help!

Hello Thomo!

Here is the answer to your question:

How to Get the Girl I Love to Believe in Love

A Simple Thing to Consider When Choosing a Mate – Ask Chauntel – Advice Column

couple embracing in love
by photostock

Hello Beautiful People,

I just wanted to leave you with a word of encouragement.

When you make the decision that you are ready to look for a mate, always be sure that you put yourself in the equation.

Don’t choose someone just to feel a void. Choose a person that compliments you. In fact, choose a person that completes you! And by the way…be bold and confident while you do it 🙂

I Hope This Helps!


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How to Approach a Girl – Ask Chauntel

Are you nervous to approach girls? Do you know what to say when you meet them? How do you let them know that you are interested? What do you say when you walk up to them? What kinds of questions should you ask? Watch! askchauntel@gmail.com

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Why Won’t He Call Me His Girlfriend?

by marin

So the guy you have been dating is a little skeptical about “titles”.

You feel like you are in a relationship with him, yet he doesn’t quite call you his girlfriend. This reality leaves you dazed, confused, and sometimes a little frustrated. So What do you do?

You get upset about it, but he always seems to find a way to make you forget about it when you are around him. He knows just what to say, and when to say it. However, when you’re alone all you can do is dissect the situation and try to understand it.

Why won’t he call you his girlfriend? It’s simple. He doesn’t want to commit to you.

Then you ask, well how can that be and why not? When you begin asking these two questions your frustration will build. Why?

Well, if I give you the honest answer you won’t feel any better about the situation than you did before you asked, but since you want to know I guess I will share.

When it comes to a committed relationship, guys can sometimes be scared off by the idea of being “stuck” with one girl. In many cases they would just rather leave their options open.

So, if you are dating “that guy”, what should you do? Well you can chose to take one of two options. One you can accept him for who he is and not pressure the situation, while also keeping your options open and dating other guys. If you choose this option be sure to add value to his life, you don’t just want to be “another girl”. However, keep in mind this can only go on so long because eventually you will move on, if you do this right. Reason being, you should be dating other guys who are a viable option for you. If this guy really likes you he will shape up in time, right before you move on.

Your second option is friend-zone him, and find a guy who is actually in the mental space to want a committed relationship. They are out there waiting on you.

BUT..whatever you do, don’t just get into a relationship, just to be in one. Settling is so not cute!

I Hope This Helps!


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Is She Pretending to Love You?

smiling couple by photostock
by photostock

Curious Dude writes:

Hi Chauntel!

How do you know woman ain’t pretending to love you?

Hello Curious Dude,

The simple fact that you ask the question makes me skeptical about the girls honest and true feelings for you.

Love goes beyond the feeling. Love is an action. The way you tell the difference between pretend and the real thing, is by her actions.

What does she do to show you that she cares? Is she showing you, or is it all lip service? If you are not getting what you need out of your relationship, then you need to express it. If it doesn’t get any better after that, you are just spinning your wheels.

Love has to be shown. You dig?


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Is Interracial Dating Accepted in Today’s Society?

10 Common Reasons Couples Break Up

1. They Value Different Things in Life

2.  They Don’t Get Along with Eachother’s Friends and Family

3. One Person Cheats on the Other

4. One is Much More Ambitious Than the Other in their Career 

5. They Grow Apart

6. They Couldn’t Handle the Long Distance

7. One Person Looses Trust in the Other Person

8. They Had a Hard Time Finding a Compromise

9. One Person Was Violent, Possessive or Controlling

10. They Didn’t Have a Strong Physical Attraction

photo by Ambro

3 Signs that a Guy Likes You

Young Friends%22 by imagerymajestic
by imagery majestic

Allie writes:

Hi Chauntel,

How do u tell if a guy likes you, and How would you tell him you like him?

Hi Allie,

Here are three simple ways to tell if a guy likes you:

1. He shows interest and wants to spend time around you.

2. He flirts with and teases you.

3. He tries to stay in close proximity to you and finds ways to make physical contact with you.

It’s better to show him that you like him than to tell him by flirting with him. Build a friendship with him, then let him know that you are interested in getting to know him better.

Here is my video on this topic:

I Hope This Helps!


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