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I help mom blogs and the girl boss to start using online video through YouTube and other social media to grow their business and brand to do more of what they love, sooner.

Check out all of the meaningful content below and on the blog. There are a number of ways that you can get involved, Jewel.

YouTube Mini-Course

Producing unique content can be so creatively fulfilling. However, if you do not know how to brand and market your YouTube channel, then you will not reach the audience that you were meant for. Don’t allow your videos to fall through the cracks. Learn the mistakes to avoid when building your YouTube channel.


Brand Identity Chart

It is still possible to make your mark on YouTube and stand out on the platform. If you want to begin strategically building a brand identity that will set you apart, then start here.


First Blog Post Guide

It is time to begin making your mark, start blogging today and build your platform. There is no better time to launch your blog than today. The first step is writing the first post. Let’s get you going with this free first blog guide template.

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This is a community of support for women just like you who are ready to build a business and a brand that they love with online video. It also provides support of the personal challenges that we face in life, motherhood, and female entrepreneurship. Becoming a Jewel will also help you, stay-up to date on the valuable content Chauntel has for you!