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Your resume is your first interview, so make it count!

Does your resume represent you well?

Does it highlight your skills, knowledge, and abilities?

Is it easy to read and error free?

Are you looking to take your career to the next level but cannot to decipher how to best express your skills, knowledge, and abilities on paper?

Please, let me help!

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How Can I Help?

I will set-up a brief chat with you where I will learn where you are in your career right now, and where you would like to go. Then, I will help you highlight your skills, knowledge and abilities on paper with your relevant job experience. I offer career coaching and writing services including: resume, cover-letter, and Linkedlin writing services.

Need Proof?

Learn from Me:

Why Work with Chauntel? I will capture your skills, knowledge, and abilities, on paper in a way that will make your resume, cover-letter, and/or Linkedin profile more marketable and stand out against the rest. 

Who is it For? These writing services are for busy professionals who want to take their careers to the next level and may need help with deciphering and translating their skills, knowledge, and abilities from their work experience. 

Here’s How I Got Good at This!
Initially, when writing my resume, I struggled to highlight the skills that would make me the most marketable to potential employers. Although I had many notable, competitive volunteer, leadership, and work experiences to share on my resume, I wasn’t sure how to detail them in a way that would make them stand out. Therefore, I decided to get some help. 

To improve my resume and cover-letter, I visited the California State University Fullerton’s(CSUF) career center. Here, I met a number of career coaches, many who had previously held human resources positions, looked over my resume and cover-letter and gave me valuable feedback on how I could improve them both to represent myself better on paper. I went home and edited my resume and cover-letter, re-writing, editing, and applying the advice that they shared with me. Soon after, I landed my first internship at KTLA 5 News, in their entertainment department. 

In addition to learning how to write a great resume and cover-letter from CSUF’s career center professionals, I received first hand experience with  hiring a staff of student assistants at CSUF, in the African American Resource Center(AARC). As the Coordinator of the AARC I recruited, screened resumes, interviewed, and selected candidates for the student assistant position alongside the Director. 

In addition to screening applicant resumes at CSUF’s AARC, I also received the opportunity to review the resumes as an intern for NBC Universal’s Corporate Human Resources, Learning and Organization Department. We posted the internship position on a variety of job boards and began reviewing the applicant’s resumes and cover-letters who stood out the most. Within about 6 seconds, we decided if the applicant should be placed in our preliminary yes or no pile. 

These two work experiences, the Coordinator position at CSUF, and Corporate HR Intern position at NBC Universal, gave me a deeper understanding of what it means to be on the receiving end of the employee selection process. These experiences have given me more insight into what is most marketable for an applicant when highlighting their skills, knowledge, and abilities.

As a result of my variety of learning and work experiences, I am now able to help many individuals write their best resumes, cover-letters, and Linkedin profiles. These experiences have equipped me with knowledge on what hiring managers are looking for, and given me a deeper understanding of how to best highlight their skills, knowledge, and abilities on paper. 

So Why Do You Care?
A resume and cover letter that represents you well is your foot in the door and your first interview. When you are able to highlight your skills, knowledge, and abilities in a way that matches the position that you are applying for, you have a much better chance of landing the position that you desire. To be competitive in today’s market you cannot just slap together a bunch of colorful words on paper. You must have an order and strategy of how you put your experiences together to make yourself stand out!

What if You Decide Not To?
If you decide not to sign-up for the resume writing service it will take you longer to receive the dream career you are looking for. Sure, after applying for many positions with your current, unedited, resume you will eventually get called in for an interview, but why not save yourself time and gain a more competitive position by having a resume that really represents you well. Stop being placed into the no pile, and learn what it takes to get into the yes pile in those first 6 seconds the hiring manager looks at your resume. There are most likely a few key elements that you may need to highlight and change about your resume to accelerate your results, that you just haven’t been able to identify. Let me help you get on track to earn the position of your dreams! Sign-up for my resume/cover-letter/Linkedlin writing service below. Don’t prolong the opportunity to move yourself into the success that you deserve, get started today!

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