NATURALLY INDUCED LABOR AND DELIVERY VLOG Baby #3 – 41 Week Storytime – Pregnancy Birth Vlog

Welcome to our naturally induced Labor and Delivery Vlog. I share our labor and delivery of baby number 3. I had so much fun sharing our birth story!


Welcome to our naturally induced Labor and Delivery Vlog. I share our labor and delivery of baby number 3. I had so much fun sharing our birth story!

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WHAT’S IN MY HOSPITAL BAG BABY NUMBER 3 – 20 Mommy Must Haves on What to Pack for Baby & Mommy

I am excited to share what’s in my hospital bag for baby number 3. I am a new mama. This is a natural birth and delivery preparation vlog with new mom tips on what to pack for baby and mama.

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In this pregnancy vlog, I am 38 weeks pregnant! Suggested Video: PREGNANT AGAIN WITH BABY NUMBER 3 – Natural Pregnancy Vlog:

FIRST & SECOND TRIMESTER ULTRASOUND VLOG (Prenatal Visit) 2021 Natural Pregnancy Vlog

I am excited to share my first and second trimester ultrasound vlog. Come with me to prenatal visits for baby number 3. I am a natural mom, so I share natural pregnancy vlogs with you.

I also share my experience with the gestational diabetes screening test. Baby is here already so I am just getting you all caught up on our journey! It is still 2021, but look out we are almost in 2022!

Oh Baby Boxes Unboxing! – Third Trimester

Hello My Beautiful Jewels and Gems!

Today, I am going to be sharing an unboxing from Oh Baby Boxes! They sent me this box to unbox with you! I am in the 3rd Trimester of my pregnancy, and I am currently 38 weeks!

I had so much fun with this unboxing. They sent me products that mamas can utilize in their third trimester! A lot of the items that I received were so fun for me because they are great for treating yourself.

Finding time as a mama to do anything for yourself can be extremely challenging. Add on the pregnancy fatigue and it is even more difficult. So I really appreciated the products that they sent. Many were natural products too which you know that I love.

So here’s the box! I love how they wrapped everything in tissue paper and included confetti. Eden and I had fun with that! I will share it later when I upload the video! I thought the box was very bright and colorful and it made me excited!

Here is where you can find more information on Oh Baby Boxes and get your own: with the code CHAUNTEL10

I found the magazine inside to be very helpful! It included all products that are inside the box, along with descriptions of each of them and a link where they could be purchased. I thought the mom on front was fun and empowering.

So this oil was the first product that I grabbed I really loved the packaging. It is Rose Gold Face Oil by Essential Rose. It is meant to moisturize, repair, and regenerate the skin naturally. I am excited to try it, but a bit nervous about how my sensitive skin might react.

So I think, I was probably suppose to open this one last, but it grabbed my attention as I was pulling things out of the box. So, I love these blocks. They would have been so helpful throughout my pregnancy keeping track of weeks because I had such a hard time with that. They will be super helpful when keeping up with Baby’s age going forward. They change from weeks to months to years and so on. I absolutely love these blocks, and I believe they are an Oh Baby Boxes exclusive

I love this necklace because it embraces motherhood, but I thought the companies quote could have been more uplifting! Faith over fear!

So this one I am super excited about! I love the wooden spoon, and I think my belly will appreciate it right now and after I have the baby. Those stretch marks will have to fight haha. I love that this one is natural and It has a jelly like consistency. It should be fun to try, and I actually can see great use for it.

Another with natural ingredients! The fun thing about this one is it is a face-mask powder, and I think having a mask will really be rejuvenating for my skin.

So, this is a 30-day digital detox challenge. I think it should be interesting to try. I think it is great to unplug and get connected with the world around you. I love how they encourage you to try something you haven’t done before with that time. But let’s be honest, I am not unplugging for 30-days.

So, I have heard of this cupping or massaging of the face to naturally work on avoiding to getting rid of wrinkles. Ever since I turned 30, I have dealt been more concerned about this. I am actually excited to give this a try. It seems like a gentle method to take care of your face.

So this box had so many amazing self care items. I am excited to try them out. Have you all tried any of them? The amount of awesome products in here was surprising to me. It is a $99 value at only $39. Want to try your own?

Here is where you can find more information on Oh Baby Boxes and get your own: Use the code CHAUNTEL10.

WHAT IS IT LIKE BEING PREGNANT IN 2021 – Pregnancy 2021 – & My 5 Month Pregnancy Vlog

In this video I share what it is like being pregnant in 2021. Plus my five month pregnancy vlog.

I AM PREGNANT AGAIN WITH BABY NUMBER 3! – Natural Mom Pregnancy Vlog (Mom Blog)

I am pregnant again with baby number 3! Welcome to my natural mom pregnancy vlog!

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3- 5 Week Postpartum and Baby Update – 1 Month Postpartum

In this video I share my three, four, and five week postpartum and baby update. At one month postpartum I am doing really well, just trying to get adjusted to being a natural mom of two girls. I am breastfeeding fulltime and pumping. Let me tell you it is a lot of work, but I am adjusting! It is so much fun with these two girls! I would love to share more! Watch!


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2 Weeks Postpartum – Christian Mom

eden draft

As a Christian mom it means so much to have the opportunity to share my two week postpartum update. God has truly blessed our family to welcome another baby girl into our hearts. We finally have the opportunity to reveal her gender and share a bit of newborn love! It has been a busy two weeks getting adjusted to be a new toddler mom and the mom of a newborn, but I am enjoying every moment! I am so excited to share these precious moments with you!

29 Week Pregnancy Update – 28- 30 week Pregnancy Update

In this video I share my 28-30 week pregnancy update. I share what it has been like for me at 28 weeks, 29 weeks, and 30 weeks. My symptoms are changing in my pregnancy, and I am definitely experiencing signs of late pregnancy! Watch!