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Today let’s dive into relationship questions Jewels! We have an advice column question from Peter.

28-year-old Peter from New Jersey, US writes:

Hi Chauntel,

What do you personally think if a man were to ask his Ex Girlfriend for
money? Do you think it is wise?

My Follow-up question to Peter,

What is the relationship with the girlfriend?

His response: To be honest she was sweet & caring but unfortunately cheated.

Hey Peter,

When a man breaks-up with his girlfriend that means that all ties that he had to her should be broken unless there was some other agreement between the two individuals. Considering the reason for the break-up, a clean break was likely. The exception to this rule is if there is a child involved. Otherwise, it will be difficult from him to move on.

Your question was written in the third person, but let’s just assume that man is you. Now, I am going to talk in the first person.

It is unwise for you to ask your ex girlfriend for money especially when she has cheated on you. It will only complicate things further within the relationship. It might well be the reason she cheated in the first place. Women like to trust their men as the provider. Once you start using her as a financial crutch you have lost that respect.

So pick up a second job, get a side hustle, go to your family and friends in a pinch, not to her. In a woman’s mind, he should be taking care of things. He should at least be able to stand on his own two feet. You are not standing on your own two feet if you are needing money from her.

If you start this process it is likely to become a pattern, and it is not one that I want to see you begin for yourself. The time is now to make a change in your life where you can provide for a woman, not depend on a woman to provide for you.

Let Me Know if This Helps!


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