Happy Relationships : 3 Guidelines Women Should Follow in Relationships

DON’T DO: The Nag Instead of the Brag

Men don’t respond well to nagging. I mean who does? The best way to get the most out of your man is praise him for what he does right, and request the things that you need at the right time.

If you follow these two simple guidelines you will get the most out of your man more often. If you really want something done, you should not only consider asking, but ask when he is available to actually get the task done and is not preoccupied with another responsibility.

If you want your man to respond positively to you, brag on him. In fact, let him hear you do it! This makes him feel loved and proud to do more for you.

DONT’: Let Your Emotions Lead

Women were born with instincts that favor emotion over logic. Many times it is hard to not allow your emotions to affect your actions. However, to build a strong relationship you must remember not to allow your emotions to be the sole determinant of actions that you take.

Emotions do exist for a reason, and they play an important role in relationships. However, it is important to remember that they should not dictate you actions. Instead, weigh logic and emotion when choosing to make decisions.

DON’T: Find Self Worth in Him

Verse I Would Like to Share: Psalms 139:14

Remember that you are uniquely made by God. Therefore, instead of finding your worth in your relationship find your worth in God.

If you have no life outside of your relationship you will find it difficult to be happy within your relationship. This doesn’t mean that you cannot do things with your bae, but it does mean that you should have other things that you are interested in doing on your own.

Simply, keep your girlfriends and have a hobby. There will be times where your guy wants to hang with his guy friends, and you should be ok with that. He will be more excited to get home to you if you don’t make a fuss about it. Remember to make your life equally as interesting as he thinks his is!

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Interracial Dating: How to Approach Black Women

Daniel writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I’m nervous about talking to black girls any suggestions?

Hi Daniel,

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.48.16 PM
“Cookie” from the show “Empire”

So there is this massive media portrayal of black women being, for lack of a better word, “difficult” to approach or get a long with in a relationship. This is really a huge misconception.

I believe in many ways we are being misrepresented. We maybe bold, and we may seem intimidating at first, for whatever the reason, but we are truly very light hearted. When we love we love hard. We treat our men like kings.

More and more black women are reaching outside of their race.

Bellow are some celebrity couples that you may be familiar with. For purposes of this post, we won’t get into the specifics of their relationships.However, for your knowledge some are currently: married, divorced, broken-up, dating. You get the picture! Either way they have been coupled up at one time or another! Take the poll below to vote on your favorite!


To answer your question specifically, approach with confidence. If you don’t have it, “fake it til’ you make it!” There isn’t anything spectacularly different about approaching a black women than approaching any other women!  Just be yourself, and be confident in what you have to offer.

With all that being said, make sure that you have something to offer. Which might mean, scaling back to work on building yourself up before approaching a woman.

Oh, and here is a recent video that I produced:

Titled: Do Black Women Like White Men?

I Hope This Helps!


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Free Teen Long Distance Relationship Advice

15-year-old Nancy writes:

Hi Chauntel,

Ijust watched your video on long distance relationships and strict parents and i need advice , so im moving an hour away in the summer but im going to be staying at my aunts house during the week to finish school where im living now. my boyfriend knows , and my parents met his parents and him and i met his parents and stuff ,but my parents consider him as my ” friend ” i think they know were dating but they dont want to accept that cause they dont want me to have a boyfriend at my age , they let me go out with him and stuff but my mom said once we move i can’t talk to him anymore and i really don’t want that to happen because i don’t want to lose him i know we can work things out . Currently , we see each other every weekend , if not every weekend we see each other every other weekend or every two weekends. He’s going to be my partner for my sweet 16, so i know ill be seeing him at the practices definitely . And when we go out , we’ve been going bowling , to the movies , and to eat. But it gets boring after a while . What other things could i do that my parents would allow ? We FaceTime everyday , but my mom doesn’t want me talking to him during the week , i still do but she doesn’t know. I get really upset and he does to because he thinks im gonna break up with him when i move , but im not . I trust him 100% and he trusts me but i get jealous easily and i feel like he’s gonna cheat on me i know he won’t cause he’s loyal very loyal , but i just feel like a girl will attract him because hes transfering to a different school where a lot of girls that like to flirt with other girls boyfriends . i talk to him about how i feel about him finding another girl but he says it will never happen, that he plans on spending the rest of his life with me , i want the same . Please give me advice thank you(:

teen couple by ambro
by Ambro

Hi Nancy, 

At 15, you must respect your parents wishes. If they do not allow you to see him after you move, you cannot. However, you can try to convince them that you are responsible and show them that your relationship is not hindering you.

You can do this by keeping your grades up in school and staying on the right path. This may allow them to see that being in a relationship is not negatively effecting you.

As far as your relationship with him, you say that you trust him, but I am not sure that you do. You seem unsure about yourself when you question if another girl will attract him.

Now, it is possible that the distance will cause some strain on your relationship, and there may be other girls around him that are interested in him. The same goes for you. However, if you to choose to stay together and stay faithful to each other, you will just have to learn to trust him. 

If he is worthy of your trust, you don’t want to be paranoid and push him away. 

Another thing, you are worried about things out of your control, you just have to role with the punches at this point. See what happens, you cannot predict the future so don’t mole over it.

Just relax and enjoy the ride.

I would like to leave you with a Bible verse. I think you will find comfort in it as I have in the past, and still do today.

Let God light your path. This way he can guide your decisions and be with you through the good times and hard times because hard times will come.

Isaiah 26:3.- NIRV

“Lord, you will give perfect peace
    to those who commit themselves to be faithful to you.
    That’s because they trust in you.”

Be Blessed,


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