How to Attract a Good Man into Your Life – Dating Advice for Young Women

In this video I share how to attract a good man into your life. If you are a young women looking for dating advice or if you want to give advice to other young women please leave comments below.

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How to Write a Good Youtube Video Script – Youtube Video Structure

For those of you interested in starting a YouTube Channel, or those who already have one check out my Youtube Video Scrip format.

Chauntél Delgado

In this video I share how to write a good Youtube Video Script. If you are looking to improve your YouTube Video Structure then check out my brief YouTube Training. Email me for the Cheat Sheet:

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How to get More YouTube Comments – for New Mom Youtubers

Here is a post from my business blog my Jewels on how to get more comments on your YouTube videos! You can actually apply these tips to any social media platform! Enjoy!

Chauntél Delgado

In this video I share how to get more YouTube Comments on your youtube videos. If you are a new mom Youtuber then you should try these tips. If you want to grab my FREE Mini E-Course, The Top 5 Mistakes that New Youtubers Make then click here:

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Nadine West Style – Unboxing – Mommy Fashion on a Budget

Here is a Nadine West Style review, unboxing and try on. This is a clothing subscription service for mommy fashion on budget. Check out more of my Nadine West reviews on Subscribe to Nadine:… More info for you on

Big Pumpkin Patch – Crunchy Mommy Vlog

In this video I share my crunchy mommy vlog at a big pumpkin patch nearby! We had so much fun here! I had no idea there were such big pumpkin patches. It ended up being like a festival! We had too much fun! Watch on my new channel, Naturally Chauntel!


How to Get More sleep as Mommy Entrepreneur – Channel for New YouTube Moms

New post on my business page Jewels!

Chauntél Delgado

Welcome to my channel for New YouTube Moms. In this video I share how to get more sleep as a mommy entrepreneur. So many times we find ourself working to balance our business and our babies! If you want to get more sleep, but still get things done then watch this video for how I make it work! Leave your methods and tricks below!

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Will and Jada Red Table Talk – Christian Relationship Advice for Couples

I give some Christian relationship advice for couples as we discuss Will and Jada’s convo on Red Table Talk this week. I would love to know what you thought about what they shared about their relationship.

Full Episodes Here:

Stats from Psychology Today:

50% of first marriages end in divorce

67% of second marriages end in divorce

73% of third marriages end in divorce

Becoming Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Part 1)

Our Unique Union (Part 2)

Reese Witherspoon​’s Fire Speech

This Week’s Modest Fashion Goddess

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Fall Nadine West Clothing Unboxing Review- Mommy Fashion Friday

In this Mommy Fashion Friday video, I share a fall Nadine West clothing unboxing review and try on. Cute mom style is so much easier with a women’s clothing subscription service.

Nadine West is an outfit subscription service for women! If you are interested in becoming apart of what Nadine West has got going on check out the link below!
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How to Take a Photo for Youtube Thumbnail – How to Take a Selfie for Youtube Thumbnail

New video uploaded to my new business channel! Sharing here with you all! Lots of love! Let me know what you think 🙂

Chauntél Delgado

If you are a new mom youtuber you should check out this video that I created on how to take a photo for your youtube thumbnail. I have a great trick for taking a selfie for your thumbnail and nailing it every-time! Want to know how? Watch!
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Fall Date Ideas – Outdoor Date Ideas

If you are looking for some fall date ideas then check out these fun adventurous outdoor date ideas that you can try with your husband or boyfriend. They are also baby friendly so if you have kids they can come along!

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