No Kissing Chemistry – First Kiss Mistakes

In this video I share what happens when you have no kissing chemistry. I also share five first kissing mistakes!

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Online Christian Dating – Ask Chauntel Christian Dating Advice

In this video I give online christian dating advice. A subscriber wrote me seeking advice on a man who claims to be a preacher, but did not respect her purity. I give her advice on what she should do!

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Advice for Newlyweds – Marriage Tips – Marriage Mistakes

In this video I share advice for newlyweds. There are marriage tips for newlyweds who make marriage mistakes. Watch!

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Valentines Date Ideas With Your Kids – Valentines Date Ideas

In this video I give some Valentines Date Ideas that you can do with your kids! If you are looking for fun valentines date ideas then you must watch!

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Vote on AC Poll: Does Age Matter In Dating?

Hugh Hefner, 84 & Crystal Harris, 24
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12 Things You Should Say on a First Date – Fun Fridays

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How to Approach a Guy

Ana from New York writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I really like this guy, but, I’m very nervous to talk to him. Even on facebook. lol. In person it’s easier, but Facebook, forget it. lol.

 What should I do?
ImageHi Ana,
Men, are pretty simple. They don’t get hints. However, they have big egos and like to take charge.
The problem that most men have when approaching a women is they fear rejection. So…all you have to do is open the door for him. Make it easier for him to converse with you. Don’t take his role, just encourage him along. How do you do that? You achieve this by outwardly flirting with him. You would be surprised what you can do without saying a word. Men aren’t always the best with communicating verbally, but most are pretty clear with physical communication. So, you need to improve on  expressing your emotions through communicating through body language.
First make eye contact. Make sure that he gets it. You should confirm 3 sure glances. Each time smile, with her chin down and your eyes up. If he is away from you wave at him.
Once he approaches you smile, and flick your hair back. Make some small talk, but do it in a hurry. You want to talk to him just long enough for him to be intrigued to get to know more about you. Then, you find a reason for why you have to leave, this creates a sense of urgency.
Follow this up with giving him your number. Let him know that you are looking forward to his call as you enjoyed your conversation. Then, leave. Get out of dodge.
As far as you being scared, or nervous oh well, you have to work through it. You cannot get what you want by hanging in the stands. You have to get in the game and play. That is just the way it is. Be confident and go get yo’ man girl!
I Hope This Helps!

Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is the time for weddings! It’s nice outside. The family is on vacation. The sun is shinning.

You don’t have to worry about the rain destroying your beautiful day. You can choose a dress that is more fun and playful.

Yes, this is why many choose to get married in the summer, but what is going to make your summer wedding sparkle!? What is going to make it different than the rest? You must personalize your wedding to fit the needs of you and you groom.

Lucky for you Bridal Shows are happening almost every weekend during the summer. Here are some cute summer wedding ideas for those of you planning.

Have Great Legs? Where a Shorter Dress to Show Them Off

Olia Zavozina Bridal
Choose this option appropriately. It’s a good idea for an outside wedding in a garden or at the beach.

Wear a Flower in Your Hair Instead of a Long Veil

Etsy: KrumpetsDesigns

Be a Roman goddess and skip the train.

David’s Bridal Style VW351000
Be a Roman goddess and skip the train. Wear more drapey  fabrics with columns as your arch.

Plan a Destination Wedding

Plan a Destination Wedding on The Beach!

Does he like me? – Dating Advice – Ask Chauntel

Anna writes:

Hi Chauntel,

Okay so there’s this guy at work and my brother also works there and he randomly told the guy that I liked him.. After that he kinda started teasing me copying what I say, spraying water at me, calling me names but he’s always smiling he seems to joke with every body but when we are alone he will start telling me information that I didn’t ask for like him and his girlfriend broke up and why. I added him on Facebook and he started teasing me on there a little bit and the next time we were at work he made a comment like “what are you stocking me now you added me on Facebook” he was laughing when he said it.. So my question is do you think he likes me I’m starting to really like me but I don’t want to waste my time on another person who doesn’t like me every one at work seems to think we like each other and the guy keeps asking if my brother and mom age still making jokes about people thinking we like each other so do you think he might like me or if he’s just joking around to make the time go by faster and should I make a move or let him make the next move.

Hi Anna,

It seems like he is interested in you. Guys don’t spend time talking to girls and being playful when they don’t have any interest in them.

As far as you waisting your time, you work with the guy so I doubt talking to him is such a waste of time. From the information that you have provided, I cannot confirm or deny if he likes you. However, I do encourage you to explore this more.

There is no harm in making time outside of work to hang out. That will give you a better feel for what is going on between the two of you. He could either be playfully flirting with you, or he could just be a funny guy who likes to play around often.

Please keep in mind that dating this guy could get really gummy. One, he seems to have a relationship with your brother. If you guys break-up and he and your brother are still friends that could be awkward. Also, you work together, and I am weary of matching business with pleasure. If it doesn’t work out between the two of you, you will still have to see him at work. It’s totally your call on if you want to take the risk of dating this guy and it being awkward on the chance that it doesn’t work out because of your ties to each other.

The best thing to do in this situation is spend some time getting to know him before you choose to leap right into  a relationship with him that you didn’t really want but were just curious about.

Take this thing slow, and choose wisely.

I Hope That Helps!