What to do if You Think your Husband is Cheating

In this video I give some Christian Marriage Advice on what to do if you think your husband is cheating. It is so important to lean on God during this difficult time. I give five positive marriage tips to help get your marriage back on track!

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Online Christian Dating – Ask Chauntel Christian Dating Advice

In this video I give online christian dating advice. A subscriber wrote me seeking advice on a man who claims to be a preacher, but did not respect her purity. I give her advice on what she should do!


Advice for Newlyweds – Marriage Tips – Marriage Mistakes

In this video I share advice for newlyweds. There are marriage tips for newlyweds who make marriage mistakes. Watch!

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Valentines Date Ideas With Your Kids – Valentines Date Ideas

In this video I give some Valentines Date Ideas that you can do with your kids! If you are looking for fun valentines date ideas then you must watch!

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