How to Start a Blog – for Female Entrepreneurs

In this video I share how to start a blog for all of you female entrepreneurs and mom entrepreneurs interested in starting a lifestyle blog or mom blog. It is such a fun experience, and if you are a  looking to begin blogging on platform like Blogger or WordPress this video will help you gain the tools to get started. If you would like to receive my free guide to writing your first blog post click on the link below.

This video includes a simple 7-step-process to starting your own blog!


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How to Make a Baby Food – Sweet Peas


In this video I share how I make my babies green peas from scratch. You make them organic by using organic green peas. I add a few optional ingredients to spice it up for her! Watch!


Am I in An Abusive Relationship

Heather writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I need to know if im in a abusive relationship can u help me?
when me nd my partner first met he bought me fowers chocolate nd put money into my bank account all the time, but since he has moved house with his friend he has changed, when we argue he grabbes me by my throught nd puts me on the floor nd drags me, he has never punched me or anything like that, he says he does it because he feel threatened when we argue he feels like im going to hit him when im not it has happened on 4 diffrent occasions, but last we we had an argument nd he threw me on the floor and opened the car door which hit me in the head then dragged me nd pushed me for about 20 mins then put me on the floor again then put me on the floor again after that nd screaming at me whilst im shoved in the corner nd his friend grabbed me by the throught but when he put me to the floor he grabbed me by the throught everytime, he done this because i asked for my car back that i lent him nd now he is refusing to giv it back because he had to replace the clutch,, i dont know weather to leave him or not, but now i finch at him and im scared to speak my opinion incase he gets angry but when he doesnt do this sort of thing hes really nice too me,, i really dont know what to do,, please help,,, thankyou

How To Attract a Guy When You are an Athlete

15-year-old Brooklyn from Canada writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I play numerous sports, get good grades, and am outgoing! But yet I still can’t attract a guy, my bestfriend has guys all over her and yet I can’t even interest one. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, help!

Hi Brook!

I am so glad that you are in sports! That is awesome both for your health and for your future. It is helpful for your health because you are getting great exercise! It is helpful for your future because if you keep working hard you may eventually get a scholarship. Also, it is good to involve yourself with an extracurricular activity as it keeps you busy and away from trouble.

As far as the guys go, they love athletic girls, but that should not be your reason for being an athlete. You should be an athlete because you love it, not because you hope to attract a guy. However, being an athelete will put you in the “cool” category in school most of the time, and it will make you more appealing to guys.

 Here is one thing that I want you to keep in mind, you should not be comparing yourself to your bestfriend. Sure it is easy to do that because she is your age, and you are around her all the time. But…you have to consider that fact that you are your own person. The fact that you are bestfriends must mean that you compliment eachother and are probably different in many ways. With that said, you should not worry about the guys that she is attracting. If you want a guy, they you have to create the opportunities for you to meet and be around them.

Now, granted being an athelete is attractive, but it is also time consuming. The time that you might be spending hanging out at the mall, or movies, or other places will be spent in practice. This limits the time that you have for boys. The fact that you play an all girls sport limits the amount of time that you are going to have for guys. I am not saying that you cannot have both sports and boys, but what I am saying is give yourself a break your time is limited. You are a busy girl between school and sports. Relationships take time to initiate and to grow.

Most of the time, the best relationships come when you least expect it. So….if you want a guy, you are probably going to have to meet him at lunch, or in class. I wouldn’t rush this. You have plenty of time for guys. Stop driving yourself crazy. Be patient, when you have the time you will attract the guy.

I Hope This Helps!