Relationship Questions: What are the Signs of a Toxic Relationship – How to Stop Arguing with Your Spouse – Ask Chauntel

What are the signs of a toxic relationship? The symptoms are clear. Also, if you don’t know how to stop arguing with your spouse, watch!

Ask Chauntel is a Dating & relationship advice column talk show video with biblical relationship advice Get advice from an online relationship coach and woman of God! If you have relationship questions then Ask Chauntel!

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It is important that when you are in an interracial relationship or interracial marriage you recognize that you will face prejudices. In this video we address how to overcome those challenges. Plus, I share some black and white married celebrity couples that include black women and white men.


Please comment below on your best way of stopping an argument!

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One thought on “Relationship Questions: What are the Signs of a Toxic Relationship – How to Stop Arguing with Your Spouse – Ask Chauntel

  1. I watch most of your video and you provided some excellent points.
    I agree, people underestimate how powerful words are.
    God created the earth through his word “let there be light”.
    Words have the power to build and destroy.
    I won’t be long winded but I will say this:
    When you want a relationship for the wrong reason for example
    1. Due to loneliness
    2. To look popular
    3. For attention on social media
    4. To get over an Ex
    5. The sex was really good (this one is common)
    6. You feel like you never get anybody else, another words having pity on the person your in a relationship with.

    These reasons is why people end up in toxic relationships

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