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Private Coaching with Chauntel

Thank you for your interest in coaching with me. Over the past 8 years, I have offered my advice and support to men, women and teens all across  the world. I would love to learn your story and develop a personalized coaching plan to fit your needs.


  • Submit your question to possibly be answered on Youtube! – If your question is not selected for the email or the blog, you may choose to enroll in a private-one-on-one coaching session through email.
    • If you wish to sign up for Paid-Private-Email-Coaching. You can sign up for that below. This email correspondence begins at $10 for email responses from me personally.
      • As long as your question is appropriate and within my area of expertise, the private email correspondence guarantees you a response to your question. 
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Although, the video asks for you to click on REQUEST FREE QUOTES, just scroll down and fill the form out below.


  • Coaching for Entrepreneurs:  Ready to work on getting business where you want it to be? This is a great place to start to prepare for a business that will stand apart in the marketplace? If you are ready to get started right now check out my Branding Training Course. Ask me for a coupon code!

Although, the video asks for you to click on REQUEST FREE QUOTES, just scroll down and fill the form out below.


  • Life Coaching:  Ready to work on getting yourself where you need to be? This is a great place to start to prepare for long lasting relationships in your future, professional, romantic or otherwise.
  • Image Consulting: If your self image is causing you to have low self esteem. It may be the way that you dress or present yourself that is not attracting the right people into your life! Let Chauntel help!
  • Dating Coaching: Stumped, are you having a hard time finding the love that you deserve in your life? Let Chauntel help you find out why and help you get your love life on track! You can find live too!
  • Relationship Coaching: Note, is not limited to romance, it includes friendships and family. If you are seeking advice and direction within your romantic relationship this is the perfect option for you!
  • Online Dating Profile Review: If you have been online dating for a while and haven’t seen the results that you are looking for, it just might be that your online dating profile does not represent you well enough to capture the attention of the love match that you are seeking. Are you creating a profile now and need assistance writing it?

17 & Under? – Please Note: You must be at-least 18 to sign-up for a Private Coaching Session. If you are under the age of 18, parental consent must be established before proceeding forward with beginning a coaching relationship. After you have talked with your parent(s)/legal guardian(s) you may have them fill out the form below with their name, and they should check the box that states that they are signing up for their child to receive coaching. Thanks!

Why Should You Sign-up for a Free Coaching Session With Chauntel?

  • You’re ready to make an investment in yourself.
  • You’re ready to commit your time to making a positive change in your life.
  • You’re willing to be honest with yourself about where you are in your current situation.
  • You’re open to receiving feedback.
  • You’re ready to learn to love you.
  • You’re willing to be patient with yourself during the process.

I provide a practical and non-sense approach to developing individuals professionally, personally, and romantically. If you are ready to make a positive change in your life sign-up below.

Pricing & Specifics: Please be advised. I am offering 1-on-1-private coaching through email only at this time for starting at $10 for personalized email responses from me. If you are interest in signing up for a private email coaching with me sign up below with your question specifics, and you will receive a PayPal email for payment. After you have submitted payment, you will receive you email response from me within 3 business days, excluding weekends. However, remember there are many ways to receive free advice from me listed above.