How to Let Go of Your Ex – Relationship Advice

Chauntel gives advice on what steps you must go through to let go of your ex. Watch!

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I’m 14…& In a Long Distance Relationship

14-year-old Kyle from Great Britain writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I’ve been watching your videos since 2010 and I felt you were the right person to ask. My girlfriend now lives in America, and I haven’t seen her for about 8 months, and I am going to see her in a few days. I am worried as to how it’ll turn out and I would like to ask how should I act and what should I do once I see her? Thanks a bunch, Kyle. 🙂

Hi Kyle!

I answered your question in my radio broadcast yesterday. You will find your story around timecode 18:20

I Stammer When I Talk to Girls

14-year-old Shrey from Kenya writes:

Hi Chauntel,

Well, I’m a very shy guy when it comes to talking to girls face to face and sometimes stammer when talking to girls who I like. Can u please help me and tell me what should I do?

Hi Shrey:

I answered your question around 9:55 in this weeks radio show:

I answered your question in my radio broadcast yesterday around 9:55 on the timecode:

I Don’t Know How to Be Friends With My Ex

24-year-old John from Dallas writes:

Hi  Chauntel,

I broke up with my ex in February because i wanted to finish my associate degree (which i did) and work full time to save for a car (in which i dont have yet). We’ve been great friends since. We still talk great. No sex involved. Some days I want it back. Some days i only want general sex with women i DONT care for. How do I know if we should try it again? Or if I need to be single?

Follow-up Question from Chauntel to John:

Hi John,

Those days that you “want it back” what is it that you are missing or wanting?
Those days that you “don’t care for her,” why is that?
Reply from John:

I want back the fact that I only need to worry about her and not making a handful of women happy.

On single days I like to flirt and know that if I had sex with a girl, another wouldn’t get offended. There would be no commitment.

by by artur84

Chauntel’s Response:

Hi John,

I think it is great that you and your ex have remained friends, that is so important. However, I am not convinced that you are ready to be in a relationship.

I think it is comfortable for you to be with her, and that is why “some days” you like it. You are not that into her. It is nice that you are worried about her, but you cannot feel guilted into a relationship with her. That is not fair to either of you. She will end up being hurt in the long run if you continue to walk the line. Don’t send her mixed signals. If you guys are friends, then don’t make her feel like it is more. That is torture.

I also think you are just fearful of moving on.

Don’t mess up your friendship with her, unless you are sure that you actually want to pursue a relationship with her. If you do, both of you will end up hurt.

You are in the mood to play the field, and that’s ok. The only time that becomes a problem is if you put yourself in a committed relationship. Don’t do it.

I know that you enjoy the comfort of a girl to come home to, but you cannot have that and play the field. You have to choose one or the other. I would not advise you to jump back into a relationship with her. Give yourself sometime. You are obviously searching for something that you did not find in that relationship. Continue to respect her.

Don’t “accidently” have sex with her one-night and say it just happened, because guess what it will mean much more to her than it just being an accident. You seem like a nice guy so don’t force this.

I Hope This Helps!


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