9 FUN AT HOME DATE IDEAS TO DO with him (Dating Advice for Women)

Dating at home doesn’t have to mean a lacking in the fun! So, let’s talk about some cool date ideas that you can do right from the comfort of your own humble abode!

What makes these date ideas so intriguing is that they are both inexpensive and romantic. In order to make a stay at home date special, you really have to put time into the planning and execution. That’s what sets it over the top.

I mean let’s face it, when we plan to go out, we spend half-of-the time getting ready, traveling, settling into the date, and then we have to come back home and wind down. So, let’s skip all the fat and get right into the meat of it all, the special time that you spend with him.

1. Sip and Paint

So come up with a concept of something that you both enjoy and paint it together. You could purchase a 3 panel canvas. Each of you can paint an end piece, and you both can paint the center. If you like it enough, you can find a place to hang it in the house. While you are at it enjoy in your favorite beverage and desert.

by Jung-Hua Liu

2. Fireside Chat:

So you could plan and cook a romantic dinner that you would eat together in-front of the fireplace. As you wind-down, you browse through old photos in an album, or choose some new ones from your smartphone together that you might want to print out. After looking at the photos, take some time to reminiscence on great times that you have had together; this will inspire planning time for the future. Hey, while you are at you, you’re creating a great memory.

3. BackYard Picnic:

Changing up the scenery can have a huge effect on how you feel. So, get outside and enjoy nature. When you do, you will find all kinds of little adventures to get into. They may even just be conversations about the world around you. Being in nature has a very calming way with our emotions, and it will bring you that much closer together.

by Анна

4. Game Night:

So play a guessing-game or board-game and pick a prize. It can be tangible, sexy, or task oriented! Have fun with it! Both of you can choose something that you want from each other and guide the game with it!

5. Bake Together:

Whatever your favorite dessert is you can bake it together. Just make sure that it has a ton of frosting involved! Why? Well, after you bake, say some cupcakes, you each can decorate them how you like. Then, the left over frosting could be used in a kissing game of sorts.

by Plush Design Studio

6. Camp Out in the Backyard:

We are not all into bugs, but that might be the fun part of it. Rough it up, pitch a tent and have a small camp fire. You could easily roast some s’mores and hotdog on a stick. Enjoy the goodness by the fire before cozying up with your sleeping bag!

7. Have a backyard Barbecue:

Everybody loves some good eatin’! Let me tell you, you could never go wrong with a good barbecue. So pick out your favorite snacks, put on some fun music, and dance outside while preparing the food. While, the meat is cuein’, take some time to talk about how much you love each other and how thankful you are for one another.

by Daria

8. Dinner and a Movie:

It’s simple, but I couldn’t leave it out! There is something about a fresh-popped-bag-of-butter-popcorn that gets me every-time. Watching a movie together gives you a chance to share in a common emotions and give passionate reactions. It is also a great way to cuddle and it makes sleeping that much easier!

9. Have a At Home Spa Day:

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? So either pamper each-other or order help in. You defiantly won’t be disappointed when you are both relaxed and settled into your pjs. Relieving stress together brings a bliss into your relationship.

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I’m 14…& In a Long Distance Relationship

14-year-old Kyle from Great Britain writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I’ve been watching your videos since 2010 and I felt you were the right person to ask. My girlfriend now lives in America, and I haven’t seen her for about 8 months, and I am going to see her in a few days. I am worried as to how it’ll turn out and I would like to ask how should I act and what should I do once I see her? Thanks a bunch, Kyle. 🙂

Hi Kyle!

I answered your question in my radio broadcast yesterday. You will find your story around timecode 18:20