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How to Talk to Women When You are Nervous or Shy

Chauntel explains why guys that fear talking to women struggle to connect with a girl. What must you do to get her attention? Where are you going wrong? There is an answer! Watch! How to To Talk to Women- Conversation Topics…

How do you tell your parents that you are dating someone?

Dalia writes:

How do you tell your parents that you are dating someone?

courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

Hi Dalia,

Whenever you chose to express important information to someone that  you love you have to choose the appropriate time to do so. That means, you should not share this type of information when your parents are occupied with other things.

You should choose a time that you and your parents have together without any distractions. Choosing to do so in the middle of their favorite television show or while they are on the phone is not a good idea.

The best time to have a serious conversation with your parents is when they are relaxing and don’t already have a lot on their mind. For example, if you know that they had a bad day at work, or they are stressed about something going on that day, it’s probably not a good time to give them this type of news.

It is important to remember not to choose a time that is great for you, but terrible for them. This is a selfish choice, and you will probably not get the type of support that you are looking for.

However, choosing the appropriate time to share this type of information is only half of the battle. You have to prepare yourself for their reaction. You have to keep in mind that they may or may not support your decision. You are their baby, and they still see you as such. They may not be ready for you to be in a relationship. It is important for you to be respectful of their wishes.

Choosing the appropriate time, will afford you the opportunity for them to have the best reaction possible. Sharing this information is important, and doing so is good and very mature of you. Also, don’t give this information when you have guests with you. This should be done at a time when you are alone with your parents. You should choose to share this information when you all have leisure time, this will make the process less stressful. Always, remember your parents love you, and they want the best for you. Therefore, it is important to share and be honest with them.

I Hope This Helps!


How to Tell if a Guy Likes You

15-year-old Apple writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I am in high school and I think a guy likes me but in not sure. My friends asked him before if he likes anyone and he said no but then his sister Asked him and he said he didn’t know. Does that mean he’s still trying to figure it out? Or does it mean he Doesn’t. Also me and my friend both like the same guy and I think he knows that. He mentioned something about going on a date with me, in front of me but idk if he was joking or not. I love your videos and I hope u reply!

Hi Jessica,

Hi Apple,
If he mentioned going out on a date with you infront of you then that means that he is interested in you. If he says that he doesn’t know, then it means just that. He probably doesn’t know you well enough to know if he likes you yet. The best thing to do is get to know him better by building a friendship with him. Flirt with him and see if he asks you to go out.
Here are a few videos that I think you might find helpful.
How to Date a Quiet Boy
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Interracial Dating Help Please!

19-year-old CJ writes:

Hi there Chauntel!

I just wanted to ask you about my situation. Well here’s the situation. This girl that works at the same place I work at (Walmart) is whom I really like. Shes black. Now I’m Filipino and shes Jamaican. Just saying lol

Someone in my department had told her that I like her and I heard that she smiled about it. So what does that mean? Is that a sign that she likes me as well? Or just so that shes flattered and plus she’s 22 and I’m 19 turning 20.

Hi CJ,

Well, a smile is universal for happy. Beyond that, there is not much else we can know for sure.

What I recommend is you approach her, and ask her out for ice cream. See if she is interested. Schedule the time a little after lunch, but before dinner. If Ice cream goes well you can take a walk in the park right after, or schedule time to meet up again. The next meet up time will be for a more formal date like dinner, and an activity like: bowling, miniature golf, hiking, or something else that is interactive and will give you all the opportunity to talk. Save the movie for the second or third date, you cannot talk much at a movie.

I Hope This Helps!



How To Attract a Guy When You are an Athlete

15-year-old Brooklyn from Canada writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I play numerous sports, get good grades, and am outgoing! But yet I still can’t attract a guy, my bestfriend has guys all over her and yet I can’t even interest one. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, help!

Hi Brook!

I am so glad that you are in sports! That is awesome both for your health and for your future. It is helpful for your health because you are getting great exercise! It is helpful for your future because if you keep working hard you may eventually get a scholarship. Also, it is good to involve yourself with an extracurricular activity as it keeps you busy and away from trouble.

As far as the guys go, they love athletic girls, but that should not be your reason for being an athlete. You should be an athlete because you love it, not because you hope to attract a guy. However, being an athelete will put you in the “cool” category in school most of the time, and it will make you more appealing to guys.

 Here is one thing that I want you to keep in mind, you should not be comparing yourself to your bestfriend. Sure it is easy to do that because she is your age, and you are around her all the time. But…you have to consider that fact that you are your own person. The fact that you are bestfriends must mean that you compliment eachother and are probably different in many ways. With that said, you should not worry about the guys that she is attracting. If you want a guy, they you have to create the opportunities for you to meet and be around them.

Now, granted being an athelete is attractive, but it is also time consuming. The time that you might be spending hanging out at the mall, or movies, or other places will be spent in practice. This limits the time that you have for boys. The fact that you play an all girls sport limits the amount of time that you are going to have for guys. I am not saying that you cannot have both sports and boys, but what I am saying is give yourself a break your time is limited. You are a busy girl between school and sports. Relationships take time to initiate and to grow.

Most of the time, the best relationships come when you least expect it. So….if you want a guy, you are probably going to have to meet him at lunch, or in class. I wouldn’t rush this. You have plenty of time for guys. Stop driving yourself crazy. Be patient, when you have the time you will attract the guy.

I Hope This Helps!