What to do if You Think your Husband is Cheating

In this video I give some Christian Marriage Advice on what to do if you think your husband is cheating. It is so important to lean on God during this difficult time. I give five positive marriage tips to help get your marriage back on track!

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Kim and Kayne – Celebrity Marriage – Happy Relationship Advice


In this video we discuss the celebrity marriage of Kim and Kayne concerning her fashion and if she should stop wearing her choice of large sunglasses for the 90s style of sunglasses that we have seen on Kylie Jenner. Is he being controlling or should she take his style advice? COMMENT BELOW AND VOTE ON THE POLL: http://www.askchauntel.com If you have questions email me at askchauntel@gmail.com More info for you on http://www.askchauntel.com Free Audio Training: https://askchauntel.com/newsletter/ Video Mentioned at End: https://youtu.be/7A5P-sW7olU My Other What’s in My Diaper Bag Video: https://youtu.be/VqSupMT34l8 Private Coaching: https://askchauntel.com/coaching/ Let’s Connect! http://www.askchauntel.com http://www.instagram.com/askchauntel http://www.facebook.com/ask.chauntel http://www.twitter.com/askchauntel