Family Staycation! First Time at Disney California Adventure Riding Rides at CarsLand! (Mom Blogs)

Welcome to my mom blogs! Come join our family staycation in our first time Disney, California Adventure! We rode so many rides with our baby and toddler girls at Carsland!

Disney parks is such a fun place to have family fun. I love doing momvlogs, and it surprising that eventhough I have lived in California all this time I haven’t visited the theme park until today! Come join us and bring your families next time and have a staycation too like us in this California Adventure Vlog! Bring your baby carrier to fellow crunchymom out there. Catch us riding and dancing around the amusement park.

For the babies you can ride on my Merry Go Round, called Jessies Critter Carousel, the cutest one I have ever seen! We also had some good watermelon cotton candy right before getting on the Toy Story Ride. One of my favorite rides was the Ariel Ride, for the Little Mermaid. We did visit the theater to see Frozen while here, but the girls got a little fearful of all of the theatrics. Carsland with the cars ride was probably my favorite ride while here!



Eating Sand Cookies at Newport Beach & Gathering SeaShell with Toddler Sisters – Naturally Chauntel

I am a natural crunchy mom with two babies, and I love having day family outings with my husband and two girls. I am a married mommy and we have so much family fun doing the simple staycations.

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Using Your Spiritual Gifts – Bible Study for Moms – Bible Study for Christian Woman

Let’s have a quick Bible Study for Moms and Christian Girls out there about using your spiritual gifts. Good faith advice is hard to come by these days, and learning how to develop your spiritual gifts is so important as a Proverbs 31 woman. Welcome to my Christian Advice Column. I  am Ask Chauntel a Christian Life Coach and Relationship Expert and I am so excited to share this Christian Girl Advice with you today!

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Big Pumpkin Patch – Crunchy Mommy Vlog

In this video I share my crunchy mommy vlog at a big pumpkin patch nearby! We had so much fun here! I had no idea there were such big pumpkin patches. It ended up being like a festival! We had too much fun! Watch on my new channel, Naturally Chauntel!


Knotts Berry Farm Vlog – Babies at Knotts Berry Farm

In this video we share our day with our babies at Knotts Berry Farm! There are a lot of rides and activities for toddlers at Knotts Berry Farm at Camp Snoopy! We had a blast and Celina got on her first ride! Watch!

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Aquarium of the Pacific – Baby First Birthday

Our baby just had her first birthday. We celebrated it at The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. We also visited Mother’s Beach.

Life with a Baby and a Toddler – 10 Month Old Update and 2 Year Old Update

In this video I share what mom life with a baby and a toddler is like! Eden’s update is from 3 months old to 10 months old. Celina’s update is from 24 months to abut 32 months old.

How to Teach your Toddler – ABC – Shapes – Celina 24 Month Update

In this video my friend Stephanie , and I share you to to teach your toddler their abc, shapes, colors based on our own experience. We also share a couple of Youtube channels that helped us along the way. We also update you on how our toddlers are doing and give some insight on their development!

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Eden 7 Month Update

In this video my friend Steph and I share our babies progress in the 4 to 7 month update.

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Dollar Tree Haul March 2018 – Mommy Haul

In this video I share my mommy haul for dollar tree. It is so much fun shopping at the dollar store for baby food and plastic containers! There is a variety to look at, at a low price!