Road Trip from California to Idaho Part 1 – Vlog

As promised here is the beginning of our vacation to my friend Peaches wedding. We drove there for about 14 hours. We share some of the moments we had on the way. There was a lot of no mans land on this trip, but it was fun to spend time with David! Let me know if you would like to see more videos like this! love ya!

Fashion Friday -Fashion Diary – Basic Sweaters & Accessories Haul

This series is new and it will feature the items that I am purchasing to update my wardrobe. It is a fashion journey to a new and updated wardrobe. I have been about the same size for the past 15 years and need to rid myself of some items as well as add additional ones to update what I have! You will also see new items that I am buying to bring some vibrance to my wardrobe! Enjoy and let me know if you have some items in your closet that you have been holding on for too long just like me!

Videos Mentioned at End:

Africa Fashion Week Los Angeles

Adorn Fashion Show

New Video: My Early Life Crisis – About Me & Coming Up – Heart to Heart

This video expresses what I have had going on lately and gives you a preview into changes that you are going to see on my channel. It is the first episode of Heart to Heart where I share things on my heart with you all!

So if you want to learn more about me and see what’s coming up on the show you don’t want to miss this!

Watch Chauntel’s Shows

My main YouTube channel is, and on this channel you will find a few different shows that I host and produce.

Below are a list of my shows along with a brief description describing each of them. In consecutive order they are Ask Chauntel, ChauntelTV  and The Chauntel Show. Which is your favorite? I would love to know! Feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page to vote on the poll to select your favorite show on my channel.

Here is a breakdown of my shows.


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This show has been around for more than 5 years. Although, it can still be watched with new weekly videos on YouTube, Ask Chauntel has expanded and become more than just the YouTube show that you watch. It provides advice, education, coaching, and consulting to individuals and groups, through online videos, seminars, trainings, individual coaching, and group consulting.  90% of the YouTube Show is conducted in a question and answer format, which normally includes a codename, age, and state/country of the individual asking the question. Chauntel reads the question then offers a heart-felt no-nonsense response. The type of advice that Chauntel gives is the type you would expect from a good friend who is willing to tell you the truth even if it hurts.  Chauntel is the type of friend that you need in your life, and she wants you to become apart of her community(Follow the Blog, Subscribe to the Newsletter, Subscribe to the Youtube, Like the Facebook Page, Follow Her on Twitter, etc.). Not only can you ask a question, but you can also give advice to those viewers sharing their stories. The show’s topics currently surround life advice: dating, romance, relationships, family, fashion, and education. The show will soon expand and will grow to include advice and tips for small business and professionals. To meet the high demand of questions, Chauntel also answers viewer, follower, and subscriber questions on her on her written blog. To read these posts or comment on other’s stories go to the home page and scroll down or click here. Want to Ask Chauntel a question? Click Here. 


Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 4.07.35 PMWATCH NOW!

ChauntelTV  is growing and has been around for almost a year. There will be numerous various segments to watch. This show takes you to events like concerts, talent shows, fashion shows, red carpets, and even beauty pageants. You can also expect this show to give you access to exclusive interviews at these live events. When you think ChauntelTV think new and exciting. It is cutting edge, and will keep you connected and informed about Christian Entertainment News.Chauntel also has a segment coming called Straight Talk where she shares her opinions about issues that she cares about. These segments and more are coming soon to a digital device near you! Want to invite Chauntel and members of her crew to your event? Click Here. Or email


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The Chauntel Show is a variety talk show that has an official pilot launching in the next few weeks. It is a show about faith, love, and inspiration. It will provide a platform for everyday people to tell inspiring  stories with the mission of giving a voice to the younger generation to share God’s love. The vision of the Chauntel Show is to inspire the younger generation to serve God and gain a true sense of self love, becoming  the best version of themselves. This show will also feature Christian Entertainment Artists and give them a place to share God’s blessings in their lives. There will also be fun lifestyle segments featuring fashion, food, beauty, and more. Want to submit a proposal for yourself or someone else to be a guest on the show? Click Here, I would love to hear from you!



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 PLEASE BE ADVISED: Chauntel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Her advice is her opinion, and you should decide if it is befitting your situation. You are not required to take any course of action recommended. Since your situation is unique, you should additionally seek the advice of a competent professional. However, please note that she will do her best to steer you into the right direction.

Love and Life Help


There are a number of services available to you through Ask Chauntel whether you are are looking for assistance for your personal growth or growth within your relationships.

Questions submitted may receive a free response if selected for the Youtube Channel or Advice Column. Please note that those individuals who submit questions will remain anonymous.

If you are seeking private coaching or advising please feel free to sign-up for a free 30-min coaching session! Chauntel can then speak with you directly (via: in person, email, phone, or video chat).

If you are looking for professional development for yourself or someone close to you that is also available. To learn more about Chauntel’s services in professional development, please click here.

Choose the option below that most closely identifies with you.

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 PLEASE BE ADVISED: Chauntel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Her advice is her opinion, and you should decide if it is befitting your situation. You are not required to take any course of action recommended. Since your situation is unique, you should additionally seek the advice of a competent professional. However, please note that she will do her best to steer you into the right direction.

Happy New Year

ImageHello Beautiful People!

I am so blessed and grateful to you for your support! There are millions of people blogging out there, but you chose to support me, and I want to thank you for it.

2014 is here, and we have an opportunity to make positive choices in  our professional, romantic, and spiritual lives.

Don’t make empty resolutions. Choose to make realistic changes in your life that will make a difference. Feel free to email me with your questions and refer me to your friends!

Be Blessed!


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Ask Chauntel Updates – is Expanding

69701_178645345497728_5218720_nHello Beautiful People!

If you receive the free weekly newsletter then you have already heard the news. If not, I thought I would share it here.

Ask Chauntel will continue it’s question and answer format responding to viewer, reader, follower, and subscriber questions. However, we are now moving to include inspirational and special interest stories surrounding our vision of becoming the best you!

We have a few interviews posted on our youtube channel of people that I have interviewed and shared their story with you all.

I want to thank you all so much for your support, and let you know that I appreciate you so much.

I hope that you all are accepting of the change and enjoy it.

Lots of Love!


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Ask Chauntel Radio in Less Than 10 min

Call and Ask A Question. It doesn’t have to be related to the topic.

The Topic: Is Body Image Mental or Physical? The number to CALL in (646) 929 -1389 & show link

Ask Chauntel Radio is TONIGHT at 8pm!

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Ask Chauntel Radio is TONIGH at 8pm! Our New Time!

The Topic: Who Should Pay on a Date?

Here is the link to listen in: and Call in 626-929-1389

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Ask Chauntel Radio Today at 3pm PCT – Teen Bullying

radio micAsk Chauntel Radio today at 3pm! Call in with questions! Today’s Topic: Teen Bullying

Here is the number to call in: (646) 929-1389

Here is the link to the show:

We are all searching for someone to love. Love is the one thing that we are all in pursuit of. Embrace it, let’s talk about it. Do you have a question? Feel free to call in during the live broadcast or submt to Check out our website