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There are a number of services available to you through Ask Chauntel whether you are are looking for assistance for your personal growth or growth within your relationships.

Questions submitted may receive a free response if selected for the Youtube Channel or Advice Column. Please note that those individuals who submit questions will remain anonymous.

If you are seeking private coaching or advising please feel free to sign-up for a free 30-min coaching session! Chauntel can then speak with you directly (via: in person, email, phone, or video chat).

If you are looking for professional development for yourself or someone close to you that is also available. To learn more about Chauntel’s services in professional development, please click here.

Choose the option below that most closely identifies with you.

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 PLEASE BE ADVISED: Chauntel reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Her advice is her opinion, and you should decide if it is befitting your situation. You are not required to take any course of action recommended. Since your situation is unique, you should additionally seek the advice of a competent professional. However, please note that she will do her best to steer you into the right direction.

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