Avoid Instagram Drama – Avoid Social Media Drama – Relationship Advice for Women

In this video I give relationship advice to women on avoid Instagram drama. Sometimes social media drama can cause a strain on our relationships. Let’s talk about how to avoid social media drama in relationships!

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Let’s Connect: http://www.askchauntel.com
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How to Set-up a Blog

Michael writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I saw ur YouTube video about shy guys approaching women….as someone living with I will give u first hand analysis in how bad this situation really is..also I’d like to kno how to set up a blog page from u.

Hi Michael,

Setting up a blog page is simple. You will need to first set-up an email address! If you already have one you can utilize the one you have.

Then, you will have to choose a blogging platform that suits your needs. There are tons of blogging platforms out there. Depending on what your area of interest is, you will choose the platform that suits your needs best.

Instagram is great if you enjoy taking pictures and want to focus your blog on photos and having followers. It is quick blogging. People who use this app normally follow you if you make it personal.

Pintrest is another great bloggin platform for photos. It is also an awesome networking tool because it allows you to connect with people who have similar interests.

Twitter could be considered really fast blogging concerns news, moods, and thoughts.

Blogger is owned by Google and it is very easy to add ads to your post and onto you blog. It is also very user-friendly. However, some consider it for amateurs. I like it though. I have a blog there that I update about once a week if not more. http://www.askchauntel.blogspot.com. It connects directly to your Google Plus accounts. I like that they give you an opportunity to customize your design and template of your blog pretty holistically at no extra charge. It is also helpful because your page is  likely to come up in google search results as this platform is owned by google. You can personalize your navigation and side panels. It also provides you with stats and gives information on where readers where referred from. However, it is more difficult for blogger collaboration.

Tumblr is another blogging platform that is utilized a lot. I haven’t used this one, but I hear it is great for posting photos, and I people can also ask questions right on you page from what my sister tells me.

WordPress is the blogging platform that you are reading from right now. It is used by most professional bloggers. They do not allow you to put google ads on your blog for advertisement, but they do have a lot of options for designs and templates. However, if you want to personalize the design of your page, fonts, and colors you sometimes have to pay a bit extra. For the most part it is free, easy to manage and looks professional. They also keep your stats for you, and let you know how readers were referred to your blog. You are given the opportunity to link your WordPress blog to you Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin. It is not as user friendly as Blogger, but if you stick with it you will learn how it works. There are discussion boards on WordPress as well as a Reader. These tools make it much easier to find new blogs and collaborate with them. This is a good blogging platform to get your feet wet.

All of these blogs that I have mentioned are free. However, if you would like to personalize your domain name you will have to pay for it. It makes it more professional. For example instead of my website url being http://www.askchauntel.wordpress.com, for $18, I made it http://www.askchauntel.com.

I would also like to mention BlogLovin’ to you. It is a platform that allows people to follow blogs that are hosted on different sites. Good luck on your selection process. Share it when you have one! I would love to see it!





Should I Tell My Crush I Like Him on Facebook?

Brooke writes: 

Hello Chauntel,

 I’m a sophmore in high school and I like this boy who’s a senior. I always see him when he comes from his fourth period class to go to his fifth period class and we walk right past each other to get to our fifth period class. I recently added him on facebook and I was going to send him a msg letting him know that I like him but I rather do it in person.. How should I go up to him and let him know that im interested? I’m just hoping that he’s interested and single too.

photo courtesy of Marcus

Hi Brooke,

Do not send this to him on Facebook. If he doesn’t like you he could later use this against you. Case in point, let’s just say this guy isn’t the nicest and he decides to show your heartfelt message to his friends, that would be hurtful right?

Good for you that you had the courage to add him on Facebook. Sure, you can send him a message saying hello and beginning a conversation, but not about you liking him. Wouldn’t that be weird? The two of you don’t even know each other yet.  

If anything you should talk to him in person. Maybe set up a time to study with him for the class that the two of you have together. Maybe invite him out with friends. If he says no, no skin off your back, and if he says yes, well good for you gal!

I Hope This Helps!