DIY Postpartum Care Ice Pack

In this video, I demonstrate how to make a postpartum ice pack to use after delivery of your baby! If you are pregnant or know someone that is, get them in the know and introduce them to this method! You can make them for yourself or for others! They really help during postpartum recovery! Leave comments below on your thoughts about this DIY, and let me know if you would like to see more videos like this one 🙂

Storing Breast Milk


In this video I share how I save money buying products to help me store my breast milk. I also share my breast milk storage routine and what products I use to store my breast milk.

Breastfeeding Benefits verses Formula

Video Description:

Hey mommies so in this video I share my experiwne and research on the difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding your baby. I discuss the pros an cons between the two.

Video Transcript:

Hello my beautiful mommies welcome back to my breastfeeding series. Today we’re going to be talking about the difference between breastmilk and formula.

So I hope I can get you on my bandwagon of breastfeeding. So let’s talk about it, breastmilk verses formula.

You got problems in your life and you need advice? All you gotta do is Ask Chauntel.

Ok, so there is tons, tons of research  out there and information. I am just going to give you some key points that I think you should be aware of if you are considering giving your baby formula over breastmilk. 

Number one, God gave us breastmilk. Why do you think he gave us breastmilk? He gave us breastmilk because it was the best thing for our babies. So breast milk has antibodies. Formula does not. When you take prenatal vitamins and you eat well, you produce natural vitamins for your baby that is not natural in formula. They do put vitamins in formula but some vitamins don’t set well with the baby so it’s much better for them to get it directly from the breastmilk.

Breastfeeding is good for the mom and good for the baby. It reduces lots of diseases and things that babies can get later on in life. Including but not limited to being overweight, it can reduce gonorea, type two diabetes, Hodgkins disease and so many more. For women it can help reduce ovarian cancer, reduce breast cancer and lots of other diseases. In addition that that, it will help you to shrink your uterus a lot faster, and your stomach.


Its also a great time for bonding between you and your baby. It is amazing time for you to spend together and learn each other.

Did you know that your baby can smell you up to 50 feet away. That baby can smell that milk. MMMhhmmm. 

Breastmilk is a lot easier to digest then formula, but with that you are going to be feeding your baby a whole lot more if you are breastfeeding them, than if you are doing formula. Just keep that in mind.

But the upside to that is you don’t have to make a bunch of bottles. You don’t have to clean a bunch of bottles. You don’t have to warm a bunch of bottles. Its the perfect temperature for your baby all the time. All you have to do is pop it out and feed your baby. 

Breastfeeding will also reduce the risk of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome. Breastfeeding is also known to increase cognition and is known to possibly give your baby a higher IQ. Breastfeeding is free and is going to save you a lot of money. Formula can be cost $200 a month and sometimes even more than that. So its going to save you a lot of money and you cannot buy that stuff, the good stuff.

But if you are breastfeeding your baby you are going to have to eat right and you cannot spoke or drink. When you give your baby formula you determine how much the baby is going to drink, but when it comes to the breast the baby determines how much they are going to drink, and i think that is so much better for them. And that means that they are not going to be overeating.

The one thing that I hate about breastfeeding, of all the things I love about it, is pumping. Because I work during the day and I have to pump and if you don’t pump you can loose the amount of milk supply that you have, and that is the thing that I cannot quite stand but other than that is not so bad.

Also, occasionally you are going to leak so be ready for that. You don’t have that problem with formula. Anyways just keep  in 

So, Anyways I hope that you guys found this video helpful and educational, and If you know any differences between breastfeeding and formula feeding that you would like to share with us leave comments down below. I want to know. Email me questions at And hit me up on twitter with a hashtag askchauntel and love you guys so much and I will talk to you guys soon. 

How to Breastfeed

This video will help you learn the foundational skills needed to breastfeed effectively! I hope you find it helpful! Pass it along! Love and Peace!

How to Not be a Rebound – Ask Chauntel

Terrance writes:

Dear Chauntel,

Ok so I started dating this girl right after she broke up with ger BF of two years, we’ve been going together for a month and I fell in love with her, I dont want to get hurt, what to do…

Hi Terrance,

Coming into a new relationship with someone when they have just come out of one can be difficult.

It takes a lot of patience on your part because you have to be understanding of what she is feeling. Beyond that you must also be aware that she may or may not be in the best emotional state to be receiving a relationship.

With all that in mind how can you ensure that you don’t get hurt and don’t end up a rebound? You cannot. However, you can take these precautions.

If you feel that the person that you are in the relationship is not ready for commitment, don’t try to pressure them into it. Guard your heart as much as you can while you wait it out. It will be easy for them to throw themselves into their new relationship and ignore what they are feeling from their past relationship. It is up to you to be aware of that, and take things slow.

Don’t rush into anything serious until you are confident that they have left their last relationship in the past. If you build a friendship with your lover slowly you will be in tune with what they are feeling. When you feel that youchauntelavatar are both on the same level of thinking and feeling then the two of you can slowly start moving into a more committed relationship, but not before.

I Hope This Helps!


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Is He Too Busy For Me? – Relationship Advice – Ask Chauntel

Hi Chauntel,

We talked everyday over Facebook for like 2 in a half months. For a few weeks he’s now too busy. He has work, school, boxing. I’m understanding about it to a certain extent. I’m a Scorpio so I told him I demand attention before we got involved. Which is true! That’s my nature, I told him how I felt and he feels strongly about me too so he says. He just said that everything else comes first. So in my head this is how I perceive our situation.
3 months ago.Him: Hey, your really pretty. So I’m going to give you all my time, I’m going to have long conversations. I’m going to compliment you and give you millions of you cute nicknames without coming across as an ***. You’ll like me cause I’ll reply back multiple times in a day and we’ll have fun conversations.
Me: AwwwHim: I’m mainly doing this cause nothing’s going on in my life. When something happens I’ll slowly stop telling you things. And because we were never official and this is a long distance thing we can just be friends. But I still like you! It’s just something grabbed my attention more than you’re doing now. So just be happy that we’re talking there’s no rush.Me: Okay, so I was just the latest toy on the shelf. You have new ones that you like better but don’t want to throw me away due to sentimental value, however you’re going to leave me on here to rot?This is how I perceive everything. He’s an amazing guy, the best I’ve ever encountered but he doesn’t even reply back in the same day, sometimes 2 days. He says I’m being obsessive which I can be and was being lately do to the fact I feel like he’s ignoring me. He says he’s not, that he’s just busy.

I don’t know what to do. I feel like we’re in a relationship without being in a relationship. I want to end it but then I don’t because he is so amazing. I just feel like if your life was so busy and you knew how I felt/was (I was very straight forward in the beginning) why would you even continue to speak to me. I know he has a life, I don’t want all his time. I just want to know his life because there is still so much we don’t know about each other. Also I don’t want to just give up when things don’t work, life isn’t about taking the easy route. But I’m considering moving on, without telling him. Like keeping my options open, talking to other guys, finding myself. Just having fun, cause he’s obviously too busy with his life. What should I do?

Hey Love,

Well….The guy is busy and that is a good thing. That means he has a passion about something. Give him time. Don’t pressure him too much. The point is that he is including you and that matters.

It may not be all you want, but as long as he is giving you time and making you feel appreciated that is all you can ask  for.

I Hope This Helps!


I Have Liked Her Forever….What Now?

22-year-old Jethro from New Jersey writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I have this young Lady in my church who I am interested in. She has been going to my church since 2009. I remember telling her I liked her in that same year and her not knowing how to respond because she barely knew me. This was all of course four years ago.  I am interested in I like her for more than her beauty. I genuinely feel and see a radiant beauty from her I like her and what to be more than friends what do you think I should do.

Hi Jethro,

It looks like it is time for you to act on your emotions. If you don’t she might get scooped up by someone else. Since you go to the same church, I am sure that you have interacted a bit. The next step is to approach her, and let her know that you are interested in getting to know her a little better. Go for it dude! What are you waiting for? However, be prepared that if she is not interested in you, you have to accept that and take it as an opportunity to move on.

Here are a couple of videos that I have made on similar topics below!

I Hope This Helps!


Dating Tips for Shy/Quite Boys

How to Approach a Girl

Video: How to let go of her? – Relationship Advice – Ask Chauntel

Chauntel explains what he must do to get over her. How does he stop thinking and longing for her? Watch!

Ask Chauntel Diary Entry

There is something that I thought about today that really inspired me.

I realized its ok to be me completely, 100% me. It’s ok that I have interests in so many diverse things. It’s ok that when I tell people that I want to be a Talk Show Host they look at me like I have described an impossible task that could never be achieved.

It’s ok that I wear my heart on my sleeve, and my expressions are so bright that I leave them out for the world to see.

I realized that I cannot put myself in a box. My personality just cannot fit, and I cannot do anything about that.


Relationships after Divorce – To Jump or Not to Jump. Hmmmm

Relationships after Divorce – To Jump or Not to Jump. Hmmmm.