INTERVIEW WITH MY 2 AND 4 YEAR OLD + 2 Year Old Toddler & 4 Year Old Preschooler Update – Mom Vlog


In this kid development, mom vlog, kid update, I share my interview with my 2 and 4 year old. We share some of our family fun and milestones this past year! This update includes their milestones and kid development! I love doin these natural mom vlogs! I am a black Christian mom!

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16 Month Old Baby Development – 16 Month Update – Ask Chauntel

In this video I share Celina’s 15 to 16 month update. I share what changes that she has been having over the past couple of months! We have been having so much fun, and we are so excited to share her progress with you! I would love to know how your babies are doing. Please share below and don’t forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe! Love you much!

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1 Year Old Baby – Baby and Postpartum Update

In this video I share Celina and I’s 12 to 14 month baby and postpartum update! This has been such an exciting time for us! She has been making such huge changes over the past few months, and I am so excited to share them with you! Watch!!

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Videos I mentioned at the end!

Fish Farts Make Bubbles – Vlog

1 Year Old Baby Birthday – Celina’s Elmo Birthday Vlog

1 Year Old Baby Celina First Birthday – Gift Haul

10 to 11 Month Baby Update – 44 Week Postpartum Update


10 to 11 Month Baby Update – 44 Week Postpartum Update

Posted this last week! Glad to share it here if you missed it!

In this video I share Celina and I’s 10 to 11 month update. Informing you on where I am with my pregnancy weight and how she is developing!

Video mentioned at end:

7 to 9 Month Baby Update – 36 Week Baby Update

4 to 6 Month/ 24 Week Postpartum and Baby Update


Storing Breast Milk


In this video I share how I save money buying products to help me store my breast milk. I also share my breast milk storage routine and what products I use to store my breast milk.

2 Month/ 6 Week Postpartum and Baby Update

So excited to share this month with you all!

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Mommy Monday- 5 Week Postpartum and Baby Update

So excited to share this weeks update! I hope you enjoy! Leave comments below!