5 Tips on What do you text a Boy/Girl you just met?

by Ambro

21-year-old CJ writes:

I’ve been texting this girl for about a week now and the past couple nights she ends up saying she’s goin to bed text me tomorrow and I simply reply goodnight : )

And then she replies with goodnight 😉 I want to keep it interesting when should I text her and how do I keep her interest? Lol thank you so much it feels good to talk to someone about it without people knowing I have a little crush.

Hi CJ!

This is such a cute question. Texting is really just another form of communicating with her.

Before I address your question, about texting specifically, let me say that. You need to find out what extraneous factors are causing her to text good night, not replying to the rest of your messages. Are you texting her too much? Is she too busy to text? Are you texting her at bad times where she is not available to reply back? Is she uncomfortable with the conversations? Or is she simply more of a phone person, and not a “texter”?

Think of it as a way to send her a quick thoughtful note. For example, sending a “Thinking of You” can be very sweet.

Some people enjoy texting more than others, and you can use texting as a way to begin to get to know someone. However, I would definetly not use it as a replacement for talking on the phone, or face-to-face.

With all that said, when you first begin texting someone I think there are a couple of things to consider.

First off,don’t be paranoid. People get so caught up in what to text that they begin over rationalizing what they should say. You should think about what you are typing, just as you should think before you speak, but you should not do it to the point where you begin to have anxiety…haha…

Second,have fun with it. It should be a flirty conversation that leaves both of you laughing and smiling. However, don’t be inappropriate in your flirting where you make her feel uncomfortable. Find ways to make her laugh, mostly at you, or something not someone. You can joke about cute things about her, but be careful with this because you just met her so you are not sure about her insecurities.

Third, talk about her! What is she doing? How is her day? What would she like to do? Where would she like to go? You can reminisce on when you met, where you met, why you were there, and how awesome it was that you met.

Fourth, talk about you doing things together. This will give you an idea of what she enjoys and will put her in the mindset of wanting to see you again.

Fifth,you have to flirt. If you flirt with her through text messages, and she flirts back you know that you are still peaking her interest. If she seems distant it probably means that you are going about this wrong, or it means she is just not that into you.

I Hope This Helps!


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