1st VARIETY FUN SNACK BOX UNBOXING!!! (April 2020) Fun Box – Ask Chauntel

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Uniquely and Wonderfully Made – Proverbs 139:14

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Food Review – Casey’s Cupcakes

thumb_IMG_1261_1024thumb_IMG_1246_1024Hey guys, so we visited Casey’s Cupcakes in Downtown Riverside this past week! What an adorable little place to visit!

Being 6 months pregnant and experiencing this lovely onsite of early spring weather, I really wanted to have some ice cream.

Casey’s Cupcakes did not disappoint! I had the Red Velvet Infused Ice Cream! It was very creamy and fully had the flavor of red velvet which I was not sure could be executed effectively. It was delish!


The packaging was adorable, and the price wasn’t too bad at all. It was $4.50 for 8oz. Now granted, I could have gotten more for that amount elsewhere. However, I think the whole experience was worth it!

Celina absolutely loved it! She had a birthday-cake flavored cake pop in which she seemed to thoroughly enjoy!


The first thing she noticed when we came in was the carousel wheel of sorts of jumbo suckers. She was quick to give it to her dad to open! We actually ended up taking that home as a treat for later!


David enjoyed watching me and her enjoy our sweet treat. He isn’t much for sweets! However, he did like my ice cream!

We finished off our order with a cup of water to wash down all of that sweetness with!

The service was friendly and fast! Others seemed just excited to be there as we were.

I do think the cupcakes were a little small for the price. They are just the size of a regular cupcake, but the taste is worth it I am sure. They go for $3.75. I would have liked the ice cream to be that price and the cupcakes should run about $3.00, in my opinion.

The outside area was cute with pink umbrellas, but I would have loved to have a seat inside because it was adorable!




I would totally return! Enjoy the photos, and I would love to know if you have visited! If you have what were your thoughts? Also, any recommendations for desert places I should visit?

This is my first official food review. I hope you guys loved it! Leave comments below!

Tata for Now!


Benefits of Asparagus – Ask Chauntel Fruit for Thought Friday

1It’s time for your weekly Fruit for Thought! A weekly bit of inspiration where I share both natural and spiritual food along with an #inspirationalquote#acfruitforthought

2So I will be mixing up#naturalfruits and #veggiesfor my weekly #acfruitforthought! This weeks food of choice is the asparagus! In a natural sense #asparagus are good for you as aids in digestion, maintains bone strength, reduces the risk of heart disease, fights cancer, natural aphrodisiac, and amateur all laxative.
Now for your spiritual fruit! I think this verse is important to keep in mind when interacting with other people! I believe it is something that these police who have been involved in murdering innocent men should keep in mind. I also think it is something that we all have to keep in mind because killing police is also not the answer! For God says that vengeance is mine! “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” -Luke 6:31

3With all the recent murders of black men by the police, I must take a moment to remind the world life matters! God did not give it to us to take other’s away! #blacklivesmatter #stopthehate also killing police is not the answer!#dallaspoliceshooting Lets be slow to anger and show love #inspirationalquote#acfruitforthought

A Healthy Breakfast Option

A Healthy Breakfast Option

Hi Guys,

So yesterday, I contemplated what I would eat for breakfast. I wanted something light.

I decided on strawberries and a new yogurt that I bought at Trader Joes last week. The strawberries were naturally sweet which made me happy! I hate bitter strawberries!

The yogurt is a bananna and vanilla mix. I wasn’t sure that I would like it because I am not a fan of bananas but it was quite good.

This breakfast was very energizing and it got my day off to a great start!

Strawberries are a great source of antioxidants, and yogurt gives your body natural bacteria.

Who says that eating healthy takes a lot of time or thought? Try it, if this combination is a little too light for you simply add a granola bar or granola pieces to your yogurt.

Happy Eating!


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