My Boyfriend is a Drug Addict

Alek writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I saw your video on youtube about “letting go of ex”,so I would like you to give me advice about a problem I have.

I Iove one guy which goes with me on same college,we are friends,more then friends,he was my first.
The problem is that I really do love him,am not only in love,it’s more than that.
Am always there for him,I care,I wanna help him,I met his father and sister,I was in his house etc…but the problem is that he is ex drug addict,and his kinda strange…he talks about 3D dimensions,and this kind of stuff,like after death…and his mind is all the time in it.I do and try to understand him,cuz am open minded person usually…but he started it again – using drugs…(marihuana,mushrooms..) and he druged me once without me accepting it.
After I knew it,I became very angry and hurt,and I yelled…and then he said like “you know that I care,I love you”,come on,what is this please ??? how can you love someone and try to destroy them to be like you are ?! He says to me you deserve better person that I am…he doesn’t have friends,at least not real ones,he runs away from emotions,he is negative…but again there is other side of him,and this confuses me.
Lately we didn’t talk or met, 2 weeks or more,and I don’t wanna send messages or anything because am hurted deeply but again I miss him,and I don’t know what to do anymore.My friends keep telling me that he is jerk,that he doesn’t know what he has in front of him,and that he doesn’t deserve me…I know that they care,and to them this is easy to say…but why do I feel guilty then,and I don’t even know for what.
What should I do dear Chauntel ? cuz everything is mixed up and complicated.Sometimes I think that it is the best if I let go of him and everything…and just leave him.
Hello Alek,
Yes, considering that he is a druggy and has forced drugs on you, I would say it is time to walk away. You are right in each of your assumptions.
If he really “loved” you he wouldn’t involve you in this. This is pretty simple, this guy is bad news.
You may have serious feelings for him, but you have to love yourself more than you love him and let this one go.
Be encouraged, everything will be ok. You are making the right decision in walking away.
I Hope This Helps!
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I will co

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