How to Tell Her You’re Better Then Her Boyfriend

Lemon Head from Louisiana writes:

There’s this girl I like at my school. She has a boyfriend but they broke up and got back together again. He did something bad that almost made her break up with him. I have information that could make her break up with him what should I do. I really like her and I’ve come to a conclusion that she may also like me, I know this because of her body language. I’ve written her secret admirer notes. I saw her read one, the next day she was really happy. She dyed her hair frome red to black, I asked her why and she said she needed change in her life. Should I give her the information.

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 2.46.18 AMHello Lemon Head,
If the information you have to share with her deals with her physical health then yes you should share it with her. Otherwise, you should not share this information with her. She will most likely become defensive of him. Thus, you will end up in the dog house with her.
The best way to approach this situation, is express to her that you don’t think he is the best for her. Then be there for her and when the time is right, express interest in her. Use this opportunity to let her know that you respect her relationship, but that you think she should know how you feel.
The key here is making sure that you choose the right time.  Then, you have to wait it out from there, but keep your options open.
BUT DON’T….and I repeat DON’T be clingy. It is unattractive. Just be sweet and then be somewhat unavailable. That will make you seem more interesting to her, and she will be more intrigued to get to know you better, you dig?
One More thing>>> This video should be helpful:
I Hope This Helps!

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