Knotts Berry Farm Vlog – Babies at Knotts Berry Farm

In this video we share our day with our babies at Knotts Berry Farm! There are a lot of rides and activities for toddlers at Knotts Berry Farm at Camp Snoopy! We had a blast and Celina got on her first ride! Watch!

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Overcoming Bullying – Carl Fontaine – Christian Rapper Interview

In this video I share a Christian Rapper Interview that features storytime with my friend Carl Fontaine who shares his testimony of overcoming bullying. Carl Fontaine is releasing his new Christian album “New Back Down”, that features all kinds of new Christian music. He has accompanied those songs with Christian Music Videos that you can check out on his channel listed below. We sit down in a Christian Talk Show format and discuss the Contemporary Christian Music that he has produced with my husband DavD Beats. I hope you enjoy the video! Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!

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Wife and Natural Mommy Morning Routine

So, I have been planning to make this video for a while and my mornings are getting ready to change. Therefore, I thought I would share my morning routine with all you wives and momma’s out their! I would love to know what your mornings are like. My mornings start at 6:40 and this whole process takes about 2 hours!