How To Make a Friend a Boyfriend

7th grader Allie from Kansas writes:

Hi Chauntel,

Ok well I have a good friendship with this guy, and I am 2 afraid 2 ask him out.  Everyone says that he likes me, but i am so afraid that he will say no. What should i do? Please help me!!!!!!

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Hi Allie,

Well, you have already followed my advice and took the first step which is building a friendship with him. I am so proud of you!

Now what you have to do is gather the courage within yourself to ask him out.

I know this is a scary thing to do, but love is worth the risk. If he says no, it will be ok. It will hurt a little, but after you get through the pain you will be glad you did it because it will give you piece of mind to know one way or the other.

But you also have to consider the benefits of him saying yes, you will finally have a chance at love with your crush.

When you start off the conversation just let him know how you are glad that you all have become friends. You can then explain why if you like, but you don’t have to. Then let him know that you are interested in getting to know him as more than friends, and you were wondering if he felt the same way. Wait for his response. (This is the hard part.)

Then, if he says he’d rather stay friends, take it like a champ. Smile and say ok, and let him know that you understand and that you are glad you can still be friends.

If he says yes, then go girl! Good for you.

By the way. I have a video on this topic that you might find helpful:


I Hope This Helps!


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