First Kiss Kissing Tips – How to Prevent Loud Kissing Noises

12-year-old Emily writes from North Carolina writes:

by Ambro
by Ambro

Hi Chauntel,

I need advice on my first kiss…….how do u stop those sloppy noises from happening……I know it’s natural but some really loud ones aren’t.

Hi Emily,

What a cute question!

Since you are 12-years-old I must begin with a disclaimer:

Before you get into a kissing relationship always know that you must set boundaries first. You don’t want to get into a situation with a guy who makes you feel pressured to do anything that you don’t want to do or are not ready for. So it is important to establish those boundaries first, before getting into the situation. Since you are one of my Jewels, I will give you one primary rule that you must follow, make sure he keeps his hands around your waist, not above or below. If he tries anything funny politely move his hands back where they belong, he will get the hint!

Ok, so on to answering your question specifically, to avoid loud noises when kissing keep the following two things in  mind:

1. Make Sure Your Lips are Not Too Wet – Wetness On your lips creates a Smacking Noise. However, in the same breath, I don’t recommend chapped lips.

2. Don’t Kiss Too Fast – The slower the kiss the less noise it makes.

With these two things in mind, don’t get too caught up on the logistics. Just have fun with it!

When kissing though keep in mind that you feelings can get attached, and it might be too soon for a very serious relationship if you know what I mean. Take your time with this and let it happen naturally when and how it is suppose to. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself!

I Hope This Helps!


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