Why am I not getting hired?


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by ambro

This is quite a loaded question.There are a number of reasons for why you may not be getting hired, and this explanation is not meant to be exhaustive.

Here are a few examples as to why you might not be getting hired:

  1. It may simply be that you are opting into a very competitive field.
  2. You might not be taking the right steps to gain the proper experience for jobs that you are applying to.
  3. You might possibly be applying to jobs that you are over or under qualified for or not interviewing well.
  4. Your networking efforts may not be up to par.
  5. It may also be that your Resume and/or Cover-letter do not properly highlight or represent your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Attributes(KSAOs), that make you a competitive candidate for positions. Let Chauntel help you with this!
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by graur razvan ionut

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