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Personal, Detailed, Branded, Business Coaching & Consulting for Entrepreneurs!

Chauntel offers a variety of business coaching and consulting services for mom and women entrepreneurs to assist you in building a unique voice and a more profitable business.

Brand Strategy coaching session

starting at $65

Branding is powerful because it is what makes you unique in the marketplace. When you brand yourself and your business, you intentionally define your position in the marketplace. The consistent execution of your branding is what will have your customers choose you over and over again compared to your competitors.

Have you ever thought about why Starbucks lovers are willing to pay upwards of $4 for a cup of coffee or Apple customers are willing to pay about $800 for an iPhone.

Is it just the taste or device specs., that cause these customers to return to these brands consistently? No, it’s much more than that.

The reputation that a brand delivers its customers is what keeps them coming back for more!

If you want your brand to stand apart and have your customers, viewers, subscribers, and followers coming back for more, then let us have a brand strategy session. In this session, I will learn more about your business goals and values.

Then, we can craft a personal branding statement that will help begin the process of bringing more profit to your business.

Why work with me? I have built my own personal brand on social media, causing me to stand apart and build a niche audience.

I am a niche Micro-Influencer with an audience of about 60% US women ages 25-35. Here are my numbers, 5k YouTube subscribers, 750 Instagram followers, 410 facebook followers, and a reach of 183k monthly viewers on Pinterest.

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Training & business dev. consulting

starting at $550

We provide a number of business development services for brands through their growth, design, and change processes. These services include, but are not limited to Training & Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Small Business Development, and Job Analysis and Employee Selection.

The first step is a needs assessment where we will determine your business’s current position and the needs and desires of your organization.

We will consider specific goals and development needs such as organizational structure, culture, design, mission, values, leadership, employee selection, and employee satisfaction.

If you are looking to grow and improve the engagement within the organization, choose this option. It is best suited for your brand if your goal is to strengthen early growth, heal the brand’s inner-workings to improve productivity, decrease turnover, or increase morale!

So why work with me? Besides my natural knack of connecting with people, I have a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, the study of behavior in the workplace. My education has been a great foundation for the variety of consulting projects that I have completed with a number of brands in the Los Angeles area. In each of these consulting projects, we produced measurable results and action plans related to the aforementioned deliverables, surrounding organizational growth, design, and change management.

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Graphics, Website & blog design

starting at $375

Having your own website and blog is essential in today’s market. As an entrepreneur you cannot depend on the social media platforms to be the home base for your business.

The reason for why is simple. You don’t own the social media platforms. Therefore, they should be utilized as a tool to reach your ideal clients, because of their presence on the platform. They are not meant to replace the creation of your own platform for viewers, readers, subscribers, and followers to build a community around.

If you need a basic website and blog designed for your brand, I can put that together for you.

The learning curb for creating a blog on WordPress is longer for some of us. So don’t waste your time trying to figure it out overtime. Let me help you get started to build something great that represents your brand.

Your audience will be so glad to have a place to call home for all of your content.

So why work with me? I am an entrepreneur and influencer myself who has built a ton of websites of my own that have produced results for my brand. I would love to help yours begin to grow!

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