Experiencing a Miscariage Story -Physically

I want to send a special thank you to everyone for you love and support through this difficult process. This video is for those who have been following my journey as well as those will or have experienced this!

In this video I explain the physical pain that a miscarriage can cause. It can be very difficult to do normal day-to-day things, and you must give your body time to heal. I share my story of how I endured it, and I must say I could not have done it without my family.

I also forgot to mention that to soothe the cramps naturally, I drank fresh ginger tea and used a massager on my tense muscles.

Here is the video I was referring to towards the end of the video:


We Lost Our Baby – Miscarriage Emergency Room Story

Unfortunately, we lost our baby. After 6 weeks of pregnancy our baby is in heaven. In this video I tell our story and try to offer some hope on how I have been overcoming the sadness as well as the physical and mental pain that comes alongs with a pain that goes deep. Please keep us in your prayers! May God bless all of you who are dealing with this. Know that you are not alone, and that it is not your fault. We must not blame God, but we must thank him for the life that he has given us and believe in hope for the future.