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Ask Chauntel offers up-to -5-monthly private email coaching responses to your questions as a Email-Coaching-Client, and she will offer advice and guidance to help you in your specific situation. Through this monthly email coaching and advising, Chauntel will address the life and relationship challenges that you face, as well as offer advice and guidance on how to overcome them.

You may choose to subscribe to the 6-month email-coaching service, or you may choose to enroll for 1 month. Email coaching is the best option if you want an affordable way to receive 1-on-1 coaching from Chauntel right to your inbox. You will have the opportunity to receive her practical, direct, inspirational, Christian advice and guidance. Check out her blog which includes her advice column blogs and videos to see her coaching style in action by clicking HERE.


  • build meaningful relationships (romantic, family, and friends)
  • establish strong marriages
  • overcome life’s challenge
  • gracefully adjust to life’s transitions
  • build faith filled families
  • practically apply God’s word to your life
  • embrace all the good that life has to offer + more


This coaching and advising service is for women whether you are single, coupled, married, a babe in Christ, or strong within your Christian faith. We also give support to men who would like to partake in this service.

Once you subscribe to Ask Chauntel’s Email Coaching, you will begin a coaching relationship with Chauntel where she will access your situation and work with you to develop a life and relationship coaching plan to meet your needs.

This program is designed to be an affordable option to receiving one-on-one personalized, uplifting, and informative life and relationship coaching. Chauntel believes that everyone should have the opportunity to get the life and relationship coaching that they need to build a great life for themselves.

Email Coaching is launching at $25.00 per month, only $6.25 per week. Please, sign-up on the form below and make your first monthly payment to become a subscriber. The debit or credit card of your choice will then be automatically charged monthly for the next 6 months, securely through PayPal. Your Email Coaching enrollment will last 6 months, at the end of your enrollment period, you may choose to re-enroll or dis-enroll.

Please, give us 48 business hours to process your enrollment. It is our hope to help teach, uplift, and inspire you. Unsubscribe anytime, HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Chauntel’s advice is her opinion and clients should determine if her advice is best for them. They are not required to apply it to their circumstance. However, she will do her best to point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for a private on-1 coaching session with Chauntel, please click HERE.


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