New Video: What to Do If I Don’t Have Prom Date for Girls – Dating Advice – Ask Chauntel

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Hello My Jewels!

So I am so excited I finally posted a new Ask Chauntel video which is quite awesome! I hope that you enjoy it! Don’t forget to give your opinion to Candice’s question by clicking on the title of this post and commenting! You can also click on the video to comment on youtube!

Here is a little bit about the question:

Candice wrote me this email:

Hi Chauntel,

Well I have two big problems dealing with problem.
1.) I don’t have a date and no one asked me and I don’t think anyone will. The beginning of march everyone was getting asked except me. Everyone I’m riding in the limo with has a date and all my friends that don’t have dates like 2 of them aren’t going to prom. So I’ll be going alone. I don’t understand why no one will ask me? Is it my look, personality? How I dress?? I don’t know.
2.) Miss teen MD and Miss Teen Annapolis are coming to my prom they got invited. How am I suppose to compete with that. There beautiful, smart, educated, they know how to walk in heels, they have nice smiles, their kind they give back. Plus they have money to get the dress that the love no matter the price, and they probably have their own hair and makeup stylist. All the guys will want to dance with them or talk to them. Most girls in my school won’t have to worry because they are pretty. But I have to worry I’m not the prettiest, guys don’t ask me out or even notice me all the guys I do like and try talking to them only see me as a friend or don’t like me. I never got braces because my family can’t afford them until now but I still don’t have braces. My hair is only a little bit on my back not that long. My nails aren’t that long. Im just not pretty.

I might not even go anymore.

What is your advice to Candice?

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