F.A.Q. + Is Life Coaching Worth it?

Life and Business Coach/Relationship Coach Online or In Person

If you are looking to find a life coach in Southern California, Chauntel is based not too far from Los Angeles. You may book either an in person coaching session or a virtual online session, by emailing her askchauntel@gmail.com.

A Word from The Christian Advice Columnist and Relationship Life Coach

I am so excited to share that because of you, I can live my dream of being one of the most popular advice columns across social media. Writing this column started about 11 years ago for me as a sophomore in college, and wow has it grown beyond the original love advice column. My goal is to help you find and live your most meaningful life because what is life without purpose?

We find purpose in what we do, who we love, and why we do it. Along the way, life can get tough. It can be difficult to navigate at times, and we all need support to get through those rough patches. I know I do! So that is what this community is about!

Get the advice that you need, whether you are looking for a quick answer to your question on the advice column or want more one-on-one life coaching. If you were wondering, yes life coaching is worth it. With 1-on-1 coaching you can get the help that you need to get you out of the rut of your current situation and into a better future. It just takes some time and dedication to make a change. I do offer in person sessions, and if you are looking to find an online life coach, I can help! It starts with a free consultation, sign-up: askchauntel@gmail.com.

Life Coach Vs. Therapist

I love to coach my clients because unlike therapy we deal in the present, not the past. We talk about what is currently happening in your life, what caused it, and what can we do to make it better going forward.

What is the Role of a Life Coach

The role of a life coach is to help their clients solve the challenges that they are facing in life. Every coach has a different life coaching process. My method is to help you navigate through life’s challenges practically and actionably. We will schedule sessions where we will discuss your challenges, and I will design actionable activities that are assigned as deemed necessary to help you accomplish your goals. The benefits of life coaching with me is becoming equipped with the tools that you need to build self love, as well as get guidance and encouragement to move through your current situation and into a more meaningful future.

Life Coach Certification

I have a Double Bachelors in Communications, Broadcast Journalism and Psychology, from California State University Fullerton. I also have a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. My background in psychology has taught me how the mind works, and how our thoughts and actions effect our relationships. Communications has allowed me to utilize my understanding of the mind it to build deeper connections and understanding with those around us, especially the ones we love.

Benefits of Life Coaching – Is Life Coaching Worth It?

If you are finding that your life, career, relationship, or business is not where you want it to be, then it is time to move forward with some help. There is no need to dwell in your current problems when you can overcome them and attain your goals. We all need help at times, and it is ok to extend your hand to gain the assistance that you need to find success.

More information on the specific life coaching services that I offer are further down on the site. However, here is a quick overview, I offer relationship coaching for couples, singles, marriages, and I answer relationship questions, business questions, and questions about life through coaching and on the advice column.

My goal is to help you live a more meaningful life, personally, romantically, and professionally. Life and Business Coaching with me is designed to empower you you grow self love, healthier relationships, stronger marriages, faith filled families, and a fulfilling career or business.

Find a Life Coach Near Me? – Work with Chauntel?

Hey so, I know there are a lot of life coaches out there, but 3 things set me apart as the best life coach to help you fulfill your needs, my education, experience, and natural God given gift of advising and coaching.

I truly care about my clients, and with a kind heart I do my best to give them the truth in a loving, caring, but direct way, from a Christian perspective. There are a wide range of skills and services that I have designed for you to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyle. Sure, we are all busy, but you can never be too busy to take care of yourself.

My life coaching services are diverse in affordability and time sensitivity. Learn more about that below, but first let’s talk about my education, experience, and natural knack for offering advice and support.

My Personal Background in Giving Advice and Life Coaching

As previously mentioned, I have a double BA in psychology and communications, and an MA in psychology. My personal and professional experience has taught me that we all want to connect and be understood. Many times we are challenged to do so because we don’t always know how to communicate our wants and needs. With two sets of grandparents being married over 60 years and parents married over 30 years I have learned a thing or two about what it takes to build a strong marriage and maintain positive relationships. Relationships matter because we need others to build a prosperous life, professional career, and business. Their example has inspired me to help hundreds of thousands of people on my advice column and YouTube channel, Ask Chauntel, over the past 11 years. 

I have been giving advice to friends and family since the age of about 6-years-old. My cousins, sister, and I would role play a talk show, like Ricki Lake or Jenny Jones, in the bedroom. I would give them a “therapy session” encouraging them to express their feelings, and it usually ended in me facilitating a hug or apology. 😊

In middle school, I wrote for the school newspaper’s advice column, and at the time I had a friend who was anorexic and bolemic, I would have many conversations encouraging her to love herself. Then, when we had school assemblies, I remember watching motivational speakers go up and share their stories. The way that they motivated the audience always inspired me. So much so that I dreamed to be them one day. This continued in high school, and after the assemblies I would go up to the speakers afterwards and ask them how they got there start.

Entering college, I was confident that I wanted to pursue a career where I could help people. Therefore, I double majored in psychology and communications. While in college, I held a number of leadership positions, one as an Ambassador for the College of Communications, another as the Vice President of the Psychology Department Student Association.

I was an honor student throughout my educational career, and before I graduated from Cal State Fullerton, I was blessed to earn a number of competitive internships and jobs with big brands like Nordstrom, KTLA 5 News, and E! Entertainment.

I left entertainment in pursuit of building my own on camera personality and to separate from the superficial lifestyle and inconsistency of Hollywood. I also knew that I wanted to start a family because that was very valuable to me.

At this time, I began working in education and building a small business teaching computer classes. I also began working with clients consulting and coaching them through their life, relationship, and career challenges. It took me a while to navigate all of my experiences and find my way to life coaching, but when I found it I knew that all of my previous experiences led me here.

In addition to my education and experience, what makes me connect with my clients, more than other life coaches, is my empathy and compassion for others along with my ability to synthesize information, provide an insightful, objective perspective, and give direct, practical, organized, actionable, and sound advice.

I am here to listen, and if you are open to a direct, practical, and honest advice then we should get started today! Sign-up for a session, coaching service, Jewel Food membership, or ask questions by emailing me askchauntel@gmail.com.