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Design Your Brand Strategy Strategically

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By the end of this course you will have your own Strategic Branding Strategy that will take your ideas to the next level! This course will teach you the 3 Principles of Branding that will assist you in creating a brand that will stand out in your marketplace!

Intro to the Course

Learn what branding is in today’s marketplace, and gain valuable tools and insight that will assist you in designing your brand using a three-step-formula utilized by popular brands you love.

This course is for those who are looking to take charge of their own lives and build a successful brand that can give them financial freedom. You will learn how to strategically take your brand idea to the next level. With my secret Branding for Success Formula, you will learn to design a brand that will be competitive in the marketplace.

Course Learning Goals

  1. Define What a Brand is

  2. Define What a Brand Strategy is

  3. Explain What Brand Value is

  4. Identify a Few Real World Brands

  5. Identify the Brand Value of a Few Brands

  6. Define Your Brand

  7. Express Your Brand Strategy

  8. Write a Strategic Brand Strategy Plan