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Chauntel offers a variety of life coaching services for moms and women to assist you in building healthy and meaningful lives, relationships, and careers.

Life & self love Coaching

Starting at $69

It all begins with you! Learning to love yourself is a journey with many bumps in the road. As we grow, we change, and it takes time to identify and accept who we are. Have you thought about what you want out of life and how you plan to get there?

We all need a bit of encouragement at times, and that is what I am here to help you with. I will listen to your concerns and help you along the way.

Life Coaching is about taking you from your current self and helping you propel forward into embracing the person who you want to be, plus everything in between. We will begin with a quick free chat to see if we are the right fit, then we will set up a 50 minute session.

So why work with me? When you sign-up for life coaching with me you are receiving practical, objective, faith-based, caring, supportive coaching. Life Coaching with me is action packed and goal oriented. So be ready to work! Sign-up below to get started today!

Pre-Marital, love, & marriage coaching


Relationship coaching is meaningful because our personal relationships can affect all other areas of our lives.

If we desire for our romantic relationships to have a positive effect on our lives, then we must assess how to get the most out of those relationships. Love coaching with me can be at any stage of the relationship including: dating, pre-marital, or marriage stages.

I will listen to your relationship concerns and give you honest feedback on how you should proceed.

Also, if you are recently engaged and looking for pre-marital advice and support, there is coaching specific to that. Marriage therapy differs from marriage coaching. Therapy is more focused on the past, and coaching is focused on the present and future of the marriage!

So why work with me? Having an objective eye can help you see things more clearly, and assist you into making the right decision for you and your partner. I take a practical, faith-based approach to helping individuals and couples reach their romantic goals! Sign-up below to get started today!

Life & Career Coaching


Learning how to represent yourself professionally can prove to be challenging in such a competitive job market. So what do you need to do to stand out and make an impact?

It is all about identifying the skills, knowledge, and abilities that you have that match up to the company that you want to work for. The balancing act is between what you bring to them, and what you hope to gain as apart of their business.

So, how are the interviews going? Have you identified what you need to do to land the job, or are you struggling to connect to the interviewer? Is your resume and cover-letter up to par? Let us take a look.

So why work with me? I know how to stand out and land a competitive job, internship, and brand opportunity. That has been proven by my ability to land internships, jobs, and partnerships with competitive companies like KTLA 5 News, E-Entertainment, NBC Universal, Nadine West, and Nordstrom. Working in Corporate HR at NBCUniversal helped me learn a thing or two about what recruiters are looking for and how they weed out talent. So, let’s take a look at your career goals and get you on track to reaching them! Sign- up below to get started today!

Self Love Habits Advice + My Journey by Chauntel

Chataira G. Life Coaching Testimonial

Brandon and Miriam Maynard3 reviews

“I watch a lot of Chauntel’s videos on youtube. She has lots of excellent advice. I’ve not used her personal life coaching. But that is because we are friends and can just chat whenever. Chauntel is a great person with a lot of insight.”

Marlene P

“Chauntel is absolutely amazing!! Ever since our first session she made me feel comfortable as her energy and approach is very grounding, professional yet warm and welcoming. I honestly would recommend Chauntel to anyone looking for professional guidance or advice in any field. She has so much knowledge and instantly tapped in to what I was seeking, so much so that in each of our sessions I come to her seeking a solution and she always, always delivers the perfect solutions!! If you are an entrepreneur like myself and need to ground your ideas, find strategies to implement and focus them into actually making them happen, contact Chauntel!! Seriously, even if just for the first session, she will amaze you!!! She’s the best!!!”

Let’s get your life where you want it to be!