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How to Write an Action Plan

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Choosing to take action in your life is such an essential responsibility that we have. Making your dreams into goals makes an idea become a reality. If you are interested in taking action in your life today use the following method that I have created for you to see your action plan through.

To get started lets imagine a specific situation that you want to advance in your life. Once you have decided exactly what that is, we can get started.

Follow the steps below to create your action plan! You absolutely must write it down. I prefer pen and paper myself, but if you would like to type it up on your phone, tablet, or computer you can do that as well!


1. Brainstorm! Write out a list of goals that you want to accomplish!

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.14.33 AMThese can be long term or short term goals or both. You may not make an action plan for each of these goals today, but it would be great to jot down a few extras that you will tend to in the future. The sky is the limit! Don’t hold back here :) You should write down at least 3 to 5 goals.

2. Decide on a specific goal that you want to make a plan for today!

by Ambro
by Ambro

Keep your goal list that you created in the first step handy, and map out 1 or 2 of those goals today in your action plan process. Save the other goals for another day. This could be about your personal, romantic, professional, or spiritual life. Be as specific as possible. This will not be effective if you make it broad and general. This process is meant to be very detailed and specific.

3. How will you get there?

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To determine how you will accomplish your goal, you are going to first write an over-arching statement.

For example, if my goal is to become a veterinarian, my overarching statement would be, “I will complete veterinary school and receive the degrees, certifications, and experience necessary to start working as a vet.”

4. Plan it out step by step.

by Ambro
by Ambro

Now that we have our overarching statement we are going to write small and measurable short term goals that are specific to our overarching statement(long-term goal). This should be a very long list of steps. If you have less than 10 you are definitely not writing enough steps. You should have between 10-30 steps here at least.

5. Decide on what parameters you will utilize to determine when and if you have accomplished your goal.

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Here is where you will decide, at what point your goal has been accomplished. As you work toward your goal you should celebrate the small victories that you encounter, but once you reach your long term goal you should be able to recognize it! If not, you were not specific enough and your parameters were not distinct.

6. Map out the amount of time that you want to accomplish it in!

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by stock images

If you aimlessly make a goal without a time frame, your goal setting process takes on the shape of an elongated process that may or may not have a conclusion. Sound familiar?

Therefore, if you want to make this happen in a timely manner you have to plan it that way.

7. Make your steps work for you!

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It may be helpful to begin this process by writing the day that you plan for your long term goal to be accomplished in a calendar or daily planner.

Then, record the short term goals that you planned out in Step 4  in your planner or calendar. In this step you will map out exactly when your long term and each of your short term goals will be accomplished. This will officially make you an action plan star!


And that is it! You have created your action plan! Good for you. It is quite a process, but it is well worth it. It gets the job done! Happy Planning! Be sure to let me know how you do with your goals! I want to here about it!

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VOTE: Should Girls Ask Guys to Prom?

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New Video: What to Do If I Don’t Have Prom Date for Girls – Dating Advice – Ask Chauntel

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Hello My Jewels!

So I am so excited I finally posted a new Ask Chauntel video which is quite awesome! I hope that you enjoy it! Don’t forget to give your opinion to Candice’s question by clicking on the title of this post and commenting! You can also click on the video to comment on youtube!

Here is a little bit about the question:

Candice wrote me this email:

Hi Chauntel,

Well I have two big problems dealing with problem.
1.) I don’t have a date and no one asked me and I don’t think anyone will. The beginning of march everyone was getting asked except me. Everyone I’m riding in the limo with has a date and all my friends that don’t have dates like 2 of them aren’t going to prom. So I’ll be going alone. I don’t understand why no one will ask me? Is it my look, personality? How I dress?? I don’t know.
2.) Miss teen MD and Miss Teen Annapolis are coming to my prom they got invited. How am I suppose to compete with that. There beautiful, smart, educated, they know how to walk in heels, they have nice smiles, their kind they give back. Plus they have money to get the dress that the love no matter the price, and they probably have their own hair and makeup stylist. All the guys will want to dance with them or talk to them. Most girls in my school won’t have to worry because they are pretty. But I have to worry I’m not the prettiest, guys don’t ask me out or even notice me all the guys I do like and try talking to them only see me as a friend or don’t like me. I never got braces because my family can’t afford them until now but I still don’t have braces. My hair is only a little bit on my back not that long. My nails aren’t that long. Im just not pretty.

I might not even go anymore.

What is your advice to Candice?

Email me questions to:

Love you lots! Let’s Get Connected!

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My New Edgy Look by My Sister Tiffany Rose and Video on the Natural Hair Revolution

My New Edgy Look by My Sister Tiffany Rose and Video on the Natural Hair Revolution

Hey Guys!

So, I am going to spice this blog up a bit. Hopefully you all will like and be accepting of the changes. The content that I post will continue to include dating and relationship advice. However, I will also be sharing business and professional advice too! You will also see fashion and lifestyle blogs as well. This will be the first of many. I am really excited about it, and I hope that you are too!

My sister and I were hanging out yesterday, and she gave me a little make-over. By changing up my hair and giving me bright purple lips she gave me a look that boosted my confidence and gave me a new vibe. If you take the time to add a little something special to your look it will boost your confidence and make you feel great about yourself. It is also simply a lot of fun! So give it a try and tweet me photos @askchauntel

Also be sure to watch my new video featuring my amazing little sister!


Love you lots!

Hugs and Kisses!


What do Women Want for Valentines Day?

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So, you finally survive through choosing the perfect Christmas gift, then you look up and it’s already time for another thoughtful gift. A Valentines Day gift! What is a guy to do?

I understand your frustration guys, and I hear the pain. So, I thought I would provide you with a guide to selecting the perfect Valentines Day gift!

8 Ways to Avoid Buying the Wrong Valentines Day Gift

by Stoonn
by Stoonn

Selecting a gift for your sweetheart on Valentines Day can be a difficult task for many.

Why? Well there is a  large margin for error on this special day. Whether you have been in a relationship for a while, or if you just started dating, either reality causes for apprehension.

A Valentines Day gift is not like Birthday or Christmas gift, it is a very personal gift. The gift is symbolic of LOVE. It can be given between family, friends, or lovers.

But, the Question is what do you buy? Do you buy it, should you make it? Does it have to have a certain price point? All great questions, and the answer is different for every person.

1. The Gift Should Not Be Something that You Want
You shouldn’t get her your favorite candy, so that the two of you can “share.”

woman working out by marin
by marin

2. The Gift Should Not Hint Towards Something Underlying 
For example, don’t buy your husband/wife a gym membership to hint towards that fact that you want him/her to loose weight.

3. Don’t Be Cheap
The value of a gift is not always monetary. It should be something that you had to spend some time thinking about. You don’t have to empty you wallet, but you must remember the gift value is presenting their love value. It’s not about the money you spend it’s about the meaning behind the gift.

4. Don’t Re-gift  
If you gave the gift to your X, it’s probably not a good idea to give it to your new girl. So, take time to find a gift that is unique to her, or him. It looses it’s value, meaning, and thoughtfulness if it was given before.

5. Don’t Give Cheap Chocolate if You Are Over 16

Cheap chocolate tastes cheap. Ah! Gross! You would be better off buying a candy bar and adding a thoughtful card than buying a cheap box of chocolate and handing if over!

man giving his wife a gift
by Ohmmy3d

6. Don’t Buy A Card and Only Sign the Bottom
Buy a card to go with your gift, is such a great idea. It displays that you want to express in words  how much the person means to you. However, if you sign a blank card that only says “Happy Valentines Day” It makes your card dry and cold. Add a bit of your own handwriting, then sign your name!

7.  Don’t Buy a Birthday or Christmas Gift
Although jackets, shoes, and vacuums may be needed, a more special gift should be considered, like a necklace, earrings or a teddy bear.

8. Don’t Give Only Perishable Items
Flowers, and chocolate are great gifts for Valentines, but don’t forget the card or the teddy bear. Why? You want her to have something to remember you by. Something she can look at and think of you. She may be thinking of you as she bites into that yummy piece of chocolate, but she can keep the card to read and look over and over again.

This Guy is No Good for Me…But I am in Love – Help! – Ask Chauntel

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16-year-old Alisha writes:

I have been talking to and dating this boy on and off for about a year. Throughout the relationship we’ve had arguments, and he has done me very wrong. However, I was always quick to forgive him just to get back to our happiness. I hope you can get back to me, there is so much more to this story. I know he is not good for me, and he did me wrong. I love him tho, i truely do. We have fun and alot of goodtimes and memories together.

by Stuart Miles
by Stuart Miles

Hi Alisha,

This is very simple. You have said it all. This guy is no good for you. Why drag this out? I understand that your feelings for him are strong, but that does not excuse his behavior. You should walk away before you get deeper into this and get to a place where it is hard to recover your feelings. Be strong, you will get through this.



email questions to

I Don’t Like My Bestfriend Anymore as a Boyfriend- Help

16-year-old Cecie writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I just had my first relationship with my best friend, and I like him. He is very good, but I kinda feel weird to act romantic and stuff. So most of the time, I avoid it. I feel like I’d rather be more of his best friend than a girlfriend. So I really don’t know what to do plz help. I am kinda having second thoughts about it.

Hi Cecie!

Yikes! This is a tough situation to be in. I would say, once you overstep that friendship boundary it can be difficult to go back.

When I read your question, it immediately made me think of a rubber-band as a metaphor.

I have three possible scenarios for you. Let’s say that your relationship is the rubber-band.

ImageThe first scenario is you  pull  the rubber-band so far apart that it immediately breaks. O’Boy does that hurt! If he is “falling” for you it will be very difficult for your relationship to spring back from “romantic” to “friend-zone”. He may be so hurt by it that he walks away completely, because of a broken heart.

The second scenario is you have pulled the rubber-band so far apart and although it did not quite break,  it stretched. Meaning, the original fibers no longer go back into place as they once were. At that point there is nothing you can quite do about it, but try to build from where you are.

Occasionally, when you stretch a rubber-band it may spring back into its original shape. Therefore,  depending on how strong your friendship is, it could go back to how it was before, but only time will tell. And it is very unlikely that your relationship will not suffer any damages from these changes. Once you decide to to transition your relationship from “friend” to “romance” going back the other way again is nearly impossible without any change occurring within the relationship. I am very doubtful that it will.

by Ambro

In these situations, there is usually one person whose feelings are stronger than the other.

He might find it difficult to ignore the fact that the dynamics of the relationship have changed. It may be that his feelings may have grown too strong for you at this point, or there is also the possibility that he feels exactly the same way and also doesn’t see the sparks flying. In this case he will be open to walking back into a friendship. He is the only one who can tell you how he feels, and only time will tell how he will react.

So, what should you do? Give it some time until you really know how you feel. At this point, you don’t sound too sure about how you feel. Speaking against the relationship before you truly know how you feel could be detrimental. I would wait it out for a little while. Once your feelings are more clear you have to verbalize them to him.

You have to first be honest with yourself, then you have to be honest with him. If he really values your friendship he will work through it. He might need some time to adjust, and you need to give him that time.

I Hope This Helps!

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Happy New Year

ImageHello Beautiful People!

I am so blessed and grateful to you for your support! There are millions of people blogging out there, but you chose to support me, and I want to thank you for it.

2014 is here, and we have an opportunity to make positive choices in  our professional, romantic, and spiritual lives.

Don’t make empty resolutions. Choose to make realistic changes in your life that will make a difference. Feel free to email me with your questions and refer me to your friends!

Be Blessed!


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