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Guys Only Want Me For Sex – Dating Advice

18-year-old Veronica from Maryland writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I have never been in a relationship before. No one has ever taken the time to notice me I guess. I’m in college now, and I got my braces off over the summer before college. Now everyone is saying I look way different from high school. Even though it was a few months ago. Any ways now all these guys approach me wherever I go. Mostly guys in their 20’s and 30’s, never my age. All they want from me is one thing, sex. I want to wait until marriage, and I want a guy that respects me. However, it seems the only thing guys see in me is just another body to add to their list.  I don’t know what to do? I want a relationship not just a fling.

by imagerymajestic

by imagerymajestic

Hello Veronica,

If you want a relationship and not a fling then a relationship you shall have. When I entered college I began to also notice older men showing interest in me. I didn’t know how to deal with it either at first. I soon learned that I was in complete control over myself and the guys I chose to let into my life.

If you want men to respect you, you have to respect yourself by setting a standard for yourself. Guys will only show respect to you as far as you ask for it. It isn’t always in what you say it is in how you carry yourself and the morals and values you set for yourself. You seem like you have some strong ones so I am sure that you will be fine.

Don’t give into the pressures of sex. It won’t be easy, but if you don’t want to just become another number on someone’s list then don’t! Keep yourself for marriage as you said you wanted to. I did, so I know you can too! Keep God in your life, and it will all work out!

And good for you for being awesome!

Be Blessed!


Ps. Here is a video that I produced for a woman with a struggle somewhat related to your situation:



5 Ways to to Compliment A Guy

Jazzy writes:

Hi Chauntel!

I am in middle school, and I have a boyfriend,. but I’m not sure what to say to compliment him. What are some good compliments that guys like to hear? Also, how am I supposed to react after he gives me a compliment? Am I supposed to compliment him back or just say thanks? This would be so helpful!!

by imagerymajestic

by imagerymajestic

Hi Jazzy,

When it comes to complimenting a guy, they are pretty simple. Just think of ways to play up his ego. Guys love to be complimented on their physical appearance. They also, like to know that you see them as manly.
Here are some simple compliments that you can give a guy that will keep him smiling back at you:
1. Oh you are so funny!
2. I can tell you have been working out!
3. I love being in your arms, you make me feel safe!
4. You are such a manly man!
5.  I love being around you, you make me feel so special!
It is nice to be nice so if he gives you a compliment, feel free to compliment him back. However, you also have to know how to accept a compliment. You don’t always have to spit one back out as soon as you get one.
So in response to his compliment, you can spit one back at him, or you can simply say thank you with a smile.
I Hope This Helps!
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Encouragement to a Viewer About My Miscarriage – From Almost a Year Ago

Hey Jewels and Gems!

I received an email this morning that really touched my heart. I decided to share my response to a viewer who shared her miscarriage story with me. She basically thanked me for sharing mines, and expressed her pain of going through this situation.

Feel free to share this with someone who needs it or will be encouraged by it. I am sharing this because I believe  it may help someone else:

Hello Lisa,

I am so glad that you sent your email over. I wish it were under different circumstances, but nonetheless it is nice to meet you!
I am so sorry for your loss. It is very difficult to deal with something like this. I don’t think people really understand the pain associated with a miscarriage until they have actually experienced it.
However, I will say that there are a few people in my life that totally got it, even though it hadn’t happened to them directly. I totally understand what you are going through, and although we may not understand the reason, God knows best.
I am so glad that you have a supportive husband beside you. That makes a world of a difference. Stay encouraged. Don’t jump too early into getting pregnant again. You want your body to heal first. The emotional part will take time, and you will come to peace with it. However, one baby does not replace the last, trust me.
When you are both ready, then try again, and whatever you do, do not blame yourself.
I lost my baby at week 6, and we had shared that I was pregnant with many people. I had even made numerous YouTube videos about it. We had share it with our families, our friends, and church members.
If you choose to hold off sharing this time, as you said you were considering, I understand. However, don’t feel like you have to do that.
Although, people may not understand the depth of your despair, and some individuals will have a way of making you feel like less than a woman, I personally think it is good to share. The reason is for times like these when you end up needing the people around you to give you support. How will they know what you are feeling unless they knew what you were going through?
This is a very personal decision, and one that through prayer I know you will make the best decision for you and your family. I will be praying for you.
I believe the second time around, this time, I still shared my pregnancy with my family at 4 weeks, but we didn’t start sharing it with anyone else until we had an ultrasound with a heartbeat at 7 weeks. We couldn’t be more happy. We were afraid of course. That fear is inevitable, but we also were so excited and we wanted to believe that God was able to pull this one through. Thus far, he has done just that, and we cannot wait to see our little baby. So many people go through this, and some unfortunately go through it numerous times.
The truth is, no matter how far along you are anything can happen. So, I put it in God’s hands. Women at my church prayed over me and my second pregnancy(this one), and that really put my mind at ease. However, there were times that I found myself checking and rechecking that everything was okay when I visited the ladies room. Then, there was a point where I decided, I was going to drive myself crazy unless I put my trust in God. It is a constant struggle. however,  I know he knows best, and then I tell myself why stress about something that you cannot control. Plus, it isn’t helping me or the baby.
I wish you and your family well. I know that God is going to bless you with everything that you need! Stay encouraged.
Lots of Love,
Videos Sharing My Story:

Bobbi Kristina Brown – Whitney Houston’s Daughter Fighting For Her Life

Hello Jewels and Gems,

It has been a while since I have brought you a Celebrity Tuesday, and this one is close to my heart.

nick-gordon-bobbi-kristina-whitney-houston-straightfromtheaI was so sad this past weekend when I heard that Whitney Houston’s daughter, 21-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown was found face down unresponsive in a tub. According to police spokeswoman, Lisa Holland, Bobbi Kristina was found “unresponsive, meaning not breathing, no heartbeat.” Bobbi Kristin’s husband, Nick Gordon, and a friend found her facedown in their Georgia home, around 10:20am last Saturday morning. Gordon began CPR until paramedics arrived, but it is unclear how long she went without oxygen.

She is currently in a medically induced comma, breathing through a ventilator. The extent of her brain function will not be know until the medical sedatives are reduced.  Her immediate family has been by her bedside.

This comes at a crucial time for Bobbi Kristina, as it occurred so close to the three year anniversary of the death of her mother Whitney Houston. Whitney was found dead in a tub, almost exactly a three years ago, just shy of two weeks to-the-day, in a Beverly Hills hotel. Her death occurred on the eve of the 2012 Grammy Awards where she was scheduled to perform.

Bobbi Kristina idolized her mother and also looked forward to growing a career in entertainment. Our prayers are with her family.

Her father, Bobbi Brown released this statement this past Sunday: “Please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time.”

I was devastated by this news, as I have been watching Bobbi Kristina grow up, standing and at times performing with her mother on stage. I have been a huge Whitney Houston fan since I was a little girl. Man, I really hope Bobbi Kristina  recovers and make it through this. Hospital officials will not comment on her condition at this time.

Thankfully, there have not been any ties to drug abuse at this time, and investigators are still looking into how Bobbi Kristina ended up in the bathtub.

My advice, during times of crisis like this it is important for families to band together and support each other. I hope and pray that Bobbi Kristina will learn from her parents mistakes, and not end up picking up their bad habits.

Let’s send up our prayers for Bobbi Kristina.

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Pressured to Have My First Kiss

16-year-old Victoria writes:

Hi Chauntel,

I haven’t had my first kiss. I’m just the type of person who over thinks and I’m not quite sure how to kiss someone. I know first kisses might be over rated but I just want my to be something I won’t be embarrassed about. Thanks for everything hope you can answer soon.
Xoxo Victoria

by Ambro

by Ambro

Hi Victoria!

I know that everyone makes you feel like you have to have your first kiss by a certain time in order for you to be cool or accepted. However, don’t let the peer pressure get to you. You are not defined by your age when it comes to something as special as your first kiss. When it is time for it to happen it will. However, I do think you are putting a little too much pressure on it. It shouldn’t be treated as a chore! It should be fun and spontaneous. You learn most of it in the moment.

I Hope This Helps!

Here is a video that should help:

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