6 Week Postpartum and Baby Update

Here is our 6 week update! Sorry for the delay guys! Love you much!

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15 Tips on How to Become Popular on Youtube

Kayla writes:

Hi Chauntel,

How do you become popular on YouTube.

Hi Kayla!

Here are some tips on becoming popular on YouTube:

by Gualberto107

by Gualberto107

1. Be Consistent

2. Create Good/Interesting Content

3. Make Videos on Topics You are Passionate About

4. Be Yourself

5. Cover Topics People are Searching For/Your Subscribers Want

6. Have Your Own Voice

7. Make Good Thumbnails

8. Have Good Lighting

9. Make a Nice Background

10. Keep Your Personality Bright and Inviting

11. Share Your Videos/Tell People What You Do

12. Use Social Media to Advertise

13. Make Videos that You Would Want to Watch

14. Be Confident

15. Utilize Music that Matches Your Video/Your Voice/Your Style

I Hope This Helps!


Women are Rejecting Me Sexually – Dating Advice – Ask Chauntel

Donald writes:

Hey Chauntel,

I haven’t been in a relationship for a while (say 3years).
I am into masturbation a lot which makes up for my sexual desires.
I feel like I need a woman to share my life with, but I can’t seem to attract them.
I go out on dates with women, but they seem to not want to sleep with me. Every time we plan to meet up for sex, I was always get excuses for why they couldn’t make it.
Can you help me with how to overcome this problem?
by artur84

by artur84

Hi Donald,

As a result of my Christian values I am an advocate of saving sex until marriage.

To answer your question more specifically, a physical relationship develops after an emotional relationship is underway. Therefore, if you are not building a solid emotional connection with the person you are dating, you will find it very difficult to have a physical one.

So here is my advice, instead of focusing so much on the physical aspect of your relationships, you need to focus on building a solid emotional connection. If a woman feels that she is being used for sex she will automatically reject you. I understand that we all have physical needs and desires, but you are approaching this the wrong way. What you need to do is build a relationship with someone that is true and the rest will come in time!

I Hope This Helps!

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