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A key piece to the success of your business is insuring that you have properly selected and trained the right employees.  For example, including a simple training on customer service could equip your employees with skills that produce happier customers and clients, resulting in sustained business and positive referrals. With this in mind, employees who have not been properly trained may not only turn customers away, but they may also underperform and become frustrated as a result of the lack of knowledge needed to perform their job properly. This may also result in a display of counterproductive work behaviors, and many employees may exit the organization prematurely. An abundance of employees exiting the organization prematurely will result in high turnover rates within your organization, which will cost you lots of $$.

On the other hand, if you select and train the right employees, you give your organization its best chance at cultivating higher performing employees who not only make essential contributions to your organization but also bring fresh ideas, and create a vibrant thriving work environment. In order to propel your organization to function at its most optimal level you must select the appropriate training programs that will best suit the growth and advancement of your organization and its employees.

If you are confident that you are aware of the training programs that will best suit the needs of your organization, select one or more of the standard training programs below that will assist in improving your organization.

You can also have Chauntel come into your organization and complete a Needs Assessment to determine what areas of your organization are encountering challenges, and she will present a proposal to you of her recommendations for what your business needs to do in order to progress to its optimal level. This process is called producing an Organizational Development Plan.  Click here to learn more about Organizational Development.

Get started today, by selecting the Training Program below that will best suit the needs of your business, or you may choose to allow Chauntel to evaluate your business and customize a training program for you! Please note that e-Learning – Online Training Programs are available! AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE THAT WE SERVICE BOTH VIRTUAL AND BRICK AND MORTAR BASED BUSINESS.


We customize our services to meet your business needs whether it is a large corporation, small business, or non-profit organization(including religious organizations).


1. Make a specific request for a training program based on your proposed business needs. – This option will work for you if your organization already has training programs in place or in development(especially new and growing businesses) but are in need of training consultants,  instructional designers, and project managers.

2. After conducting a needs assessment at your business location, Chauntel may recommend various training programs for your organization.

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  • a need to improve customer service to increase  customer satisfaction
  • a need to improve marketing strategies to build clientele
  • a need to redevelop or implement new hire orientation
  • a need to increase employee morale
  • a need to develop a leadership growth pipeline
  • a need to develop leadership skills in rising internal talent
  • a need to sharpen the  soft skills of executives, rising talent or support staff (i.e. leadership skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, negotiation skills, etc.)
  • a need to sharpen the hard skills of executives, rising talent or support staff ( i.e. use of software and hardware, use of social media skills, and other technical skills)
  • a need to meet performance goals for those employees who are underperforming
  • a need to develop initiatives and/or implement organizational diversity & inclusion
  • a need for development and/or implementation of exit interview strategies and procedures
  • an internal employee’s transition into a new position
  • post expansion of internal operations
  • provision for opening a new business location
  • implementation of new or upgraded technology
  • expectation for compliance with new regulations and laws
  • preparation of New HR policies and procedures
  • integration of initiatives and organizational culture post merger and acquisitions
  • explanation of new positions,  initiatives, policies and procedures post organizational restructuring

The above list was created to provide you with a schema of points to consider for the development and implementation of training programs for your business, but please be advised this list  it is not exhaustive.  There may be additional challenges that your business is facing that are not listed above, and that does not make those challenges any less significant.

You are not expected to decipher exactly what you need. That is what we are here for. We will come into your business and do a through needs analysis and provide you with a list of recommendations. Proceeding the receipt of our proposal to you, your business can decipher whether or not you would like to proceed forward with the implementation of our proposed recommendations for your business’s organizational development. This list may include training programs.

Stumped? What is organizational development? Click here to learn more…

 HARD SKILLS TRAINING – Technical Skills

  • WRITING YOUR BUSINESS PLAN – just getting started?

    • This is a great option for  aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to take their idea to the next level. Jotting your ideas down, into a clear and concise plan will assist you in growing and developing your business. Taking this course will still be helpful even if you have been in business for a little while. It will help you consolidate your ideas and map out your goals into a mission and vision for your organization.

    • Many organizations are functioning under a structure that does not allow them to operate at their most optimal level. This may occur as a result of a lack of proper training on how the organizational structure can impact the organization. Improper planning may also result in an organization functioning within a less efficient structure. Selecting the right organizational structure for your business will improve communication and could assist in the growth of your business.

    • Learning about social media platforms and how they can assist in your marketing pursuits is essential to building and sustaining a business in today’s market. The social media industry continues to grow and thrive. Learn how to meet your customers where they are! If social media is new to you or you simply want to learn the tips and tricks to using it to successfully build your business this training is essential for you! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to  take advantage of these platforms which are usually free and easy to use.
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    • There are many valuable executives who propel their organization into achieving higher performance. It is essential that these leaders receive the training necessary to sharpen their skills and take their team to the next level. This 4-day training is designed to equip leaders with the essential skills to meet and accomplish their wide range of responsibilities. The training will teach leaders to: improve the communication between themselves and their staff, create a culture of collaboration, drive and sustain the accountability of their employees, manage employee performance, and become more familiar with utilizing the diverse skills set of their staff.

    • Under utilizing talented performers within an organization may have detrimental effects on its growth. It is essential to first identify these high performers and then provide them with the necessary training to further develop their current skills set. As a result, these individuals will  be better equipped to advance the performance of the organization, birthing ideas that can help the organization grow and thrive! In addition, training these individuals may be effective in building them up to become future executives within the organization that will serve as pillars in its growth and rising performance.

    • Diversity breeds strength. Bringing together a diverse set of individuals  provides an environment where a wealth of ideas are produced. Learning how to access that knowledge and develop it into a stronger work environment is essential, yet it may prove difficult as diversity may produce division. Utilize your diverse workforce to its optimal level by learning the tools to properly access the strength within the diversity of your organization.

    • There are many great leaders, but those who can influence and inspire their staff have the greatest positive impact! This training program is designed to equip leaders with the skills to motivate and inspire their employees to achieve higher success. To accomplish this, leaders must strategically make an effort to connect with their employees, and plan for success. In this training course, business leaders will learn how to inspire their staff to achieve their highest potential through building positive relationships with employees and increasing their value within themselves and the organization.

    • Performance Management is an essential element to the growth and development of both employees and the organization. If employees are properly managed they will have the opportunity to voice their concerns and receive helpful feedback from their supervisors. Proper performance management can increase employee engagement and decrease counterproductive work behaviors and high turnover. Although, this tool is so valuable, many organizations are under utilizing it as a result of a lack of proper training and or planning. This course is designed to teach business leaders the proper way to manage employees’ performance to achieve the highest level of success possible for both the manager and the employee.

    • Selecting the right employees for your organization is essential for its growth and development. First you must identify the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to perform the job well. With this information you can properly select the right employee for the position by screening them to ensure that they have what it takes to be successful within the position. It is important to note that hiring an employee only based off of their their skills, knowledge, and abilities can be detrimental. We also have to inquire about work ethic and determine if they are the right fit for your organizational culture. This course is designed to give managers the skills to market for, select, and hire the right employees for available positions. Many times managers are given the responsibility to interview candidates, but have not had the proper training on how to select employees. If more assistance is needed we can complete a job analysis, write a job description, and create a marketing campaign for positions within your business.
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    • Inter- means between. Interpersonal Skills are skills that an individual person has with communicating between themselves and others. In all work environments it is necessary to have good interpersonal skills. It improves communication between individuals, departments, and the organization as a whole. This training is designed to improve the interpersonal skills of the managers and employees of your organization.

    • The power of negotiation can help your organization gain clients, initiate sales, and ultimately turn a profit. Knowing how to identify your client’s needs is a skill within itself. You must also learn now to meet those needs. Once you have identified their needs and have learned how to meet them, you must then learn how to prove to them that their needs can be met through your product or service. This training will teach you how to persuade your customer/client that their needs can be met as a result of your product or service.

    • Good customer service will sustain clientele as well as initiate external referrals and recommendations. Without proper customer service your organization will needlessly turn clients away and will have a difficult time attracting new customers. This training is designed to equip your employees with knowledge of the importance of great customer service and its impact on their individual positions as well as the state of the organization as a whole.

    • This training is offered to organizations as well as individuals who are interested in improving their ability, or the ability of their employees’ and manager’s to speak on a specific topic. Whether you are speaking to a single person or a large audience it is essential that you utilize great presentation skills. The ability to connect and inspire your audience  is very useful in supporting your point of view. This training is designed to teach individuals how to outline and present a specific topic to an audience.

    • The health of the organization is greatly impacted by its’ team dynamics.  This training will be useful for your organization whether or not your teams are struggling to collaborate well with each other. It is designed to strengthen relationships and  improve communication. Teams will do some planning as well as participate in various team building activities.

    • This training is designed to not only to define sexual harassment to your managers and employees, but it will also explain the importance of being aware of the appropriate procedures, at your organization, that will be enforced as a result of sexual harassment in the workplace. Your managers and employees will also learn about  their responsibility to report it.

    • Utilizing time effectively is essential to your organization’s growth and development. To take full advantage of this your managers and employees must be properly skilled at managing their time well. This training will provide them with the tools and essential strategies to properly manage their time effectively so that they can meet their deadlines and gain a better sense of work-life-balance.


Please fill in the form below to receive more information about our training programs. Be sure to specify the type of training program that you are interested in. If you are unsure be sure to specify that you would like Chauntel to complete a Needs Analysis and recommend the training program that is best suits your business needs.