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Chauntel’s Hosting Reel

Chauntel has an MA  in psychology and  a double BA in psychology and communications(broadcast journalism).

Her Web Show on Youtube, and has over 2,100 followers with over 400,100 views. Her reach continues to excel, and her passion continues to grow for her viewers.

She has had experienced both writing, editing, and producing for various written publications, internet shows, online newsletters, and she also DJ-ed and produced an online fashion and entertainment radio show for Titan Radio for three years.



Chauntel is a natural on camera, and is great at coaching viewers on the spot. Her “Girl Next Door” persona is appealing to viewers as they can relate to her common sense approach to giving advice, encouraging them to make wise decisions in their daily lives(personally, romantically, and professionally).

Her bubbly personality and direct approach to giving advice gives viewers a feel good feeling and inspires them to keep watching and coming back for more. Viewers love her honesty, and she captures them with her geniune concern for the challenges that they are facing. The advice that Chauntel gives is the kind that you would expect from a true friend: honest, direct, and tactful.

Chauntel is excited to hear from you. She loves what she does and would be willing to make an appearance or be a guest on your show.


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Featured in Chapter 6: Sexuality & Relationships

Chauntel love, love, loves to write, and she would be happy to partner with you.

If you have a written  or online publication that you would like to feature Chauntel in, she is excited to hear from you. Please include the details of your publication.

She is avaliable for phone, email, and in-person interviews(with the Los Angeles area). Her MA in psychology coupled with her 4.5 years of experience as an Advice Columnist and Dating and Relationship Coach will  intrigue your audience.


Chauntel has a BA in communications, broadcast journalism and has had experience in news and production. She is knowledgable about setting up a camera shot for interviews and putting together a news package from start to finish. She is also familiar with social media platforms and would be willing to be interviewed through Skype, Google Conferencing, BlogTV, and other social media platforms.


Chauntel has strong writing skills, and is skilled in AP Style. She also is familiar with advice column and blogging format. If you would like to pitch a story for Chauntel to develop for your print or online publication she would be glad to hear from you.


If you are a writer/blogger and would like to share something with Chauntel’s audience that you wrote or produced, she would love to hear from you.

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