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With your help, Chauntel will capture your organization at its current state, and make strategic plans with the goal of developing a progressive future.


There are a number of areas of your business that may need to be addressed to improve its performance so that it may function at its optimal level.

Here are some major issues facing many organizations costing them money $$$, and a lot of it.

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1. High Turnover Rates

2. Counterproductive Work Behaviors

3. Communication

4. Structure

5. Accountability

6. Return on Investment

7. Employee Selection

8. Absenteeism


Possible Benefits from Receiving Organizational Development Consulting with Chauntel:

  • develop training programs (for new and existing executives, directors, and support staff)

  • job analysis development and implementation

  • creation of job descriptions for new and existing positions

  • high employee turnover evaluation

  • employee exit interview strategies and procedures development

  • decreased employee morale evaluation

  • increased employee engagement

  • selection procedures development

  • business website functionality evaluation

  • social media development

  • basic website development

  • video promotion development

  • integration of new or upgraded technology

  • customer experience and satisfaction evaluation

  • employee performance goal development

  • performance management system development

  • organizational structure development

  • organizational culture development

  • organizational restructuring development

  • leadership growth pipeline development

  • develop diversity & inclusion within the organization

  • develop a system to identify and properly engage with rising talent

  • sharpening the soft skills of executives, rising talent or support staff (i.e. leadership skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, customer service skills, negotiation skills, etc.)

  • develop the hard skills of executives, rising talent or support staff ( i.e. use of software and hardware, use of social media skills, and other technical skills)

  • New HR policies and procedures development

  • expansion of internal operations

  • opening a new business location

Business People
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The field of Industrial Organizational Psychology is different than those psychology fields that you may be more familiar with. It is the study of behavior in the workplace. Through this field, there are specific methods that Chauntel will take your business through to determine its needs and present measurable results.

You will have the opportunity to voice your concerns, and Chauntel will present an action plan to get your business operating at its optimal level.


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1. Free Consultation

2. Needs Assessment

3. Submission of Written Proposal and Timeline

4. Presentation of Proposal

5. Review

6. Implementation

7. Evaluation

8. Repeat or Conclude



If you are a more tangible thinker, the above abstract explanation of organizational development may be difficult for you to grasp. Lets break it down and make it practical.

If the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology is new to you, and the concept of organizational development is also fresh, you may ask, “After a needs assessment, what might Chauntel propose that my organization might need to improve  upon to bring it to function at its optimal level?”


Here is a non-exhaustive list of possible solutions that Chauntel may personalize for your organization and propose after a needs assessment.

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1. Training and Development Programs

2. Enhanced Performance Management System

3. A Work-life Balance Adjustment

4. Improving Organizational Structure

5. Diversity and Inclusion Implementation

6. Ergonomics

7. Revamp Selection and Exit Strategies


Still have questions or ready to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to strategically move your business into functioning at its optimal level? Fill in the brief form below to receive more information or request your free consultation, and get your business moving in the direction that you want it to go!