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A Message from Chauntel:

Building interpersonal relationships, leading, and organizing have always been my strong suits. I started in high school leading my team-mates as the JV Captain in track, during my sophomore year. I then took on the role of leading and organizing the entire junior class, and became Junior Class President. During my senior year I founded and presided over another organization that I founded, the FIDM Fashion Club.

As a college student I charted and lead numerous organizations, building them from the ground up.  My passion for building positive relationships and providing an organizational structure within these organizations, bread my passion to pursue and earn a Masters Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. My experience within the corporate environment taught me so much about the importance of communication and maintaining a strong organizational culture.

These moments combined produced my passion to develop my consulting company, Ask Chauntel. Ask Chauntel is a company who cares about its clients and desires to provide them with the best service possible.

It is our duty to help your organization identify its needs and provide progressive solutions. We provide so much to our clients through the Organizational Development process. We also offer training programs for your business and so much more. Click below to learn more about organizational development as well as training programs for your business. If you would like to read more about my credentials continue reading below.

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Consulting for Your Business With Chauntel

Chauntel has an MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology, the study of behavior in the workplace, from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. You may be more familiar with her practical and common sense advice giving from her youtube channel where she has been giving dating and relationship advice for the past five years.

Relationships and behaviors exist wherever people are and that includes both in the home and at the workplace.

Chauntel’s background( BA in communication) provides her with a competitive edge in identifying and presenting the needs of your organization, and her background in IO psychology aides in analyzing and interpreting the results and providing the best solutions to counteract those needs.Screen Shot 2013-05-26 at 10.39.14 PM


Chauntel worked in the Learning and Organizational Development of NBCUniversal’s Corporate Human Resources Department for some time, and has been involved in a myriad if consulting projects for various businesses in the Los Angeles area. These projects focused on developing the organization and identifying their challenges to provide them with measurable solutions utilizing: job analyses, performance appraisal systems, training programs, diversity sensitivity, and survey development.

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Sound intriguing? CLICK HERE to learn about how Organizational Development can help your business.

Whether you are a large organization or a small family owned business, Chauntel’s diverse skill set will meet your needs and propel your organization to function at its optimal level.

It all begins with a consultation. Preceding the consultation Chauntel will come in to meet with your business to conduct a needs assessment. This will be followed up with providing you with proposed results and much more.

Already have an RFP (Request for Proposal)? Please feel free to submit it. We look forward to meeting your business needs.

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