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Free Audio Devotional, from Ask Chauntel: How to Find the Peace Within

If you want to live a meaningful and happy life, then you have to find peace within yourself. That perfect peace that you are seeking can only be found in God. Listen to this free audio devotional to gain a sense of how to find the peace within yourself so that you can overcome stress and begin to overcome the challenges that you will face in life.

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Savvy Social Jewels – by Ask Chauntel , was created to assist with our divine assignment to be apart of a community. When we share ideas and provide each other with support, then we are able to change and grow. There is nothing like a sisterhood of like minded women who can provide you with wise council. This group is made up of Christian women as well as girl bosses. We would be honored to have you apart. We mostly collaborate on Facebook, but there will be other opportunities for us to commune on other platforms. Become apart! It’s free!

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Chauntel has been producing for her advice column for the past 10-years, and she is excited to receive your question. If your question is selected to be answered on the advice column, you will receive an email with her response! Let’s get into it 🙂

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Ask Chauntel produces Jewel Food, a weekly 5-1o min. audio coaching collaboration for her monthly subscribers interested in getting her practical, direct, inspirational, Christian advice and guidance right to your inbox. Through this weekly audio training and coaching collaboration we will dive into the daily life and relationship challenges that we face, as well as how to overcome them. To see her coaching style in action, check out her blog which includes her advice column, mom blogs, and videos by clicking HERE. (PRE-REGISTRATION IS OPEN!)

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Email coaching is the best option if you want an affordable way to receive 1-on-1 coaching from Chauntel right to your inbox. You will have the opportunity to receive her practical, direct, inspirational, Christian advice and guidance. To see her coaching style in action, check out her blog which includes her advice column, mom blogs, and videos by clicking HERE.

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Ask Chauntel offers live 1-on-1 coaching to her clients who seek individual support virtually and via phone. Private coaching is the best option if you want to talk to Chauntel for live direct support. She will address your concerns and offer advice and guidance to help you in your specific situation. To see her coaching style in action, check out her blog which includes her advice column, mom blogs, and videos by clicking HERE.

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